Mafia II banned in the UAE

MEGamers: "The National Media Council has banned Mafia II in the United Arab Emirates and the game won’t be officially sold at any retail outlets in the country. A ban was almost expected on this game as its predecessor faced a similar predicament.


Mafia II joins the fairly large list of games to receive the ban hammer this year. Others on the list include God of War 3, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain."

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r0gueZA2693d ago

Those poor gamers get nothing.

-Mezzo-2693d ago

WTF,...I've beaten the game twice already.

T9X692693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

WTF...does that have to do with the game being banned in a country you're not in?

I beat it twice as well :)

@rankftw - I got 1000G/1000G in like 3 days, easy stuff, but I thought Mafia 2 was a great game, despite all the crazy hatred on the 2K forums.

RankFTW2693d ago

Well I got the Platinum so BAM!

Brewski0072693d ago

Strange place with strange laws out there. Defo not a place i'd like to be a tourist in. Really dont get why they try to appeal to the west so much but still wont relax their laws.

sak5002693d ago

I've beaten it as well and currently at 880/1000 gs. But i wonder why you need to beat it twice? i started on hard difficulty and finished in 3 days as well. Now to get some stupid chevos i would require some map guides from for finding all playboy and wanted posters.

darkcharizard2693d ago

Anything synonymous with the word "ARAB" instantly means orthodox and oppressive.

captain-obvious2692d ago

i wanst planing on buying it anyway

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-Mezzo-2693d ago

I can bet that almost 70% of the UAE gamers interested in the title have already bought it & have beaten it already, so why ban it,.

RankFTW2693d ago

UAE ban everything, well not everything but you get what I mean.

MGRogue20172693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

... Yeah, The game was well short.. And the achievements are damn easy easy to get.. I'm already thinking of trading it in or selling it. =/

I really don't want to.. but what's the point in keeping it when there's nothing to do anymore? I'd might aswell put it towards getting something like Vanquish.. or save it for when Medal of Honor comes out. :D

sak5002693d ago

I agree but i prefer shortish games with straight story line not stupid phone calls in between missions to go meet someone else then and there otherwise you'll miss that side mission. This one was straight interesting story line, much better graphics and car handling than GTAIV (which by the way i just played for few hours and lost interest due to overly long driving parts and stupid side missions) and also it felt like being in a movie which is slowly unveiling.

I work full time have a live in GF etc etc so no time to play one game for a week or spend countless hours grinding.

RankFTW2692d ago

I sold mine on Ebay for £2 less than what I bought it for new.

coolcut1352693d ago

just cause its banned dosent mean it cant be found

Nihilism2692d ago

Why would you want to get a copy illegally in a country that has as harsh penalties as the death penalty for having sex when you are not married...this applies to all tourists as well.

Fuck going to that place.

SpartanQ82692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

we have it here in Kuwait in every game stores

militant072692d ago

who cares about Kuwait...

KratosGirI2692d ago

I found some copies in Bahrain too!

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