Games Of 2010 Owe Thanks To Modern Warfare 2

In Early 2010, the games industry saw several titles released on a weekly basis as a result of one game's release in the holiday season of 2009. Isaiah Taylor of the takes a look back and sees if Modern Warfare 2's holiday release had an impact on how games can thrive throughout a year and if any changes could be on the rise as a result of this industry shake up.

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T9X693019d ago

I owe a thanks to MW2 as well. Thanks for giving me full arcade games on XBL for free you glitched POS :) oh and keeping the whinny little kids off other 360 games I play.

EeJLP-3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Thanks MW2 (or MW1 / CoD franchise in general) for ruining Resistance 2. For inspiring Insomniac to add garbage, unskilled berserks to be like your garbage, unskilled killstreak rewards.

JohnApocalypse3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I am glad that Bioshock 2 got delayed cause of MW2

TROLL EATER3019d ago

games of 2011 and beyond owe halo reach

Bboy_Izilla3019d ago

I was talking with other writers on how history is kind of repeating itself this year with yet another COD game coming out in addition to Halo...I'm wondering how many games have been pushed to Jan-March as a result. Time will tell.

Hellsvacancy3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

No, they dont

N4BmpS3019d ago

Games in 2010 don't owe Modern Warfare 2 anything, games may or may not have found their target audience regardless of this title being a really big sell (and completely over-hyped). Several things made MW2 a marketing marvel
1) In today's pop culture FPS' dominate the market or most do.
2) MW was and still still is regarded as the best military FPS title this generation (I may or may not agree).
4) Parents who don't know about the content in the game but when they find out they're upset, this create (say it with me) Controversy aka Free Marketing.

Not to mention a few other things but that doesn't mean that games in 2010 owe MW2, games like Alan wake and Alpha Protocol... well Alan Wake had a bad release date MS got sloppy which is suprising. As for Alpha Protocol... It wasn't that great to begin with. It's essentially about a release date chosen for the game.

Bboy_Izilla3019d ago

1) See 3

2) Very true, and barring how far of a step back I think it is for the modern FPS, it only makes sense that the industry took notes and made a financial decision in which to release their games at a later date.

3) Though I 'use' to be a fan of Eminem, he [much like the Call of Duty] has brand marketability. Where if you put Eminem on any record...chances are it will sell because of the populous' attachment to the name.

And much like Call of Duty, Eminem's worst is still better than half of what's being produced in his particular genre.

4) Controversy works hand and hand with marketing. It also factors in to other companies as to how big a buzz a game has when considering competing for shelf space. If you can't see how this would factor in to a game being pushed back to a later date in which it would fare better...well then this is where we differ.

N4BmpS3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Yeah, when Pop culture wants something pop culture usually gets it (I hope that makes sense) I agree, we still haven't Eminem at his best but it still better that... dare I say 73% of the crap that been shoveled out, much like MW2 regardless of the glitches in the game Im pretty sure people would still say MW2 is better than Rogue Warrior or Alpha Protocol or (insert bad game here) But yeah, I also agree with your elaborated points. Although I also want to say some times controversy is good for a product but I don't know if it's overall good for the industry. The Industry takes a lot of heat for these mature games, it's just a thought.

Bboy_Izilla3019d ago

All we have to do is look at the manufactured controversy around Dante's Inferno.

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