Less is more for Fable 2

In a recent chat with Games Radar, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux explained his company's new development mantra for the massive Xbox 360 Fable sequel: LESS IS MORE.

At the moment the Fable 2 design director is telling his team to focus less on features and more on polishing. "Lionhead games need less random features, but to refine and hone the core features," he said.

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Schmitty074058d ago

Is weird. He gets all worked up over the dumbest stuff. I remember in one of the dev diaries he talks for 5 minutes how you can't control the dog! OMG

Still looks like an awesome game.

slak4058d ago

yea your right he does get work up for the dumbest sh!t but yea the game looking kick ass.

Rageanitus4057d ago

Rpg's cant get quite complex when you start putting more stuff into it.

bumnut4057d ago

oblivion is huge and that fits on 1 disc, even the game of the year edition with all the expansion packs is on 1 disc

SuperSaiyan44057d ago

Emm so please explain how a game like Mass Effect is said to be on ONE DISC? Please I would really like to know.

More stupid comments from those without a clue.

midgard2294057d ago

u know fable 2 might suck...and i luved fable one, but him simplifing the battle systen to one button....might get really repetitive. no it gonna turn to zelda???

about disk space. well yeah oblivion fits on one disk, but it has a basic combat system, and no scenes, which is why it could fit, which is fine. but if u add alot of features then they take up alot more space. that and Jrpgs, those always have alot of cinematics which eat up disk space, main reason blue dragon needs 3 disks.

dead or alive 4 used the whole disk, and thats cuz theres alot of different interaction between each character, and level, the counters, the throws, the moves, the outfits, the huge levels.

it depends what kinda game it is that takes up the space. american games most likley wont use up all disk space tho since they usually make straight forward games (stil fun) and have 0 scenes, usually just a real time man talking. while jap games use motion capture and other things for stuff like fight scenes and so on

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