PAX10: Duke Nukem Forever Preview Part 1,Duke Will Never Die

TGH Writes: "After 12 *%$#ing years the game better be good. When I walked into the demo booth and heard these words I was instantly brought back to time when Duke was alive and kicking. Now after actually playing the game (Yes I played the game at PAX!) I can really say that the 12 #[email protected]%ing years it was well worth the wait.

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RedGr3mlin3021d ago

He will only take his place after this final story together with the immortal legends of the gaming era.

4 ever will he be rememberd as the man that brought me into the fps era. May you find your place beside the legends of gaming. You will 4 ever be rememberd.

Duke Nukem
Solid Snake


legends that will 4 ever be rememberd.
And thats a fact.

ShadyDevil3020d ago

Duke Nukem and Chuck Norris...if they made a baby it would prolly be Jesus.

rekcahdam3020d ago

FINALLY! GEEZ! We've been waiting for this forever!