Persona 3 Box Calls For Nine Memory Cards

After a trip down to a local Gamestop the other day to pick up soon-to-be-controversial suicide romp Persona 3 (complete with bitchin' art book as a pack-in). a gamer noticed one small detail on the back of the box that blew his mind-and not in the way the game designers had intended. He noticed that under Memory Card it required 67MB.

Now if you do the math 67 ÷ 8 = 8.375. That means you would need a total of nine memory cards.

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s8anicslayer4057d ago

that is why a console needs a harddrive

Omegasyde4057d ago

the ps2 had a hard drive and I was one of the Suckers..err I mean people who bought one.

fopums4057d ago

lol thats pretty funny, before anybody freaks out it looks as though there was a mistake on the package, it requires 67kb, not 67mbs

tplarkin74057d ago

A minor typo on box art is not news.

MK_Red4057d ago

For a sec I thought the game needs Hard drive. A HDD requiring game at the last days of PS2! Lol at the mistake.

wingzero4057d ago

Omegasyde, you still a sucker.