The Biggest Shooters of 2007: BioShock, Halo 3, COD4 & More

Shooters always dominate the gaming scene, but rarely more so than 2007. GameDaily bring to you, in alphabetical order, the ten hottest shooters to come out this year. It's guaranteed that at least one of them has a bullet with your name etched on it.

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MK_Red4054d ago

I can't believe they left Haze and Metroid Prime 3 out of the list.

DEADEND4054d ago

I was thinking the samething, i guess HAZE is going to be a sleeper hit.

deadpreacher4054d ago

Agreed! Since it did say 2007 i can somewhat understand them saying it at least for Haze.

slak4053d ago

Looks like haze is going to suck.

Xwow4053d ago

TRUE,Haze and Metroid Prime 3 will be awesome :(

fopums4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

lose Gears and add Haze, Gears was third person and its been done, though I bet the pc port will rock... Brumak fight! :D

but yeah Haze should definetly be up there, possibly Metroid Prime...Im always skeptical of the WII.....

edit @ 5 well....I think Haze is anyhow, IGN has it as a Nov 20th release....

BIadestarX4053d ago

Is Haze or Metroid coming out this year? 2007?
It's kind of cool that the mayority of those games can be played on the xbox 360... Ofcourse... PC too... but not for $279/$350.

Jeremy Gerard4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

does anyone think Haze will be great? How is it any different from the dozens of other over done FPSes out there? What about Area 51? Why is no one talking about that game? Haze could be no better than that. Because it is PS3 time exclusive folks think it will be great, what a bunch of fanboy morons, Haze is just another FPS, and that is what it would be called if it were a 360 exclusive.

jay34053d ago

Exactly. I totally agree. There is nothing "Innovative" about it. It's nothing new, nothing original. PS3 fans are making a hype because they get it first. Even if 360 got it first i couldn't care less about it.

PS3 fans are saying BIOSHOCK is just another shooter. Yet HAZE is innovative because you can run really fast? And take a gun off someone that looks and probably controls like when people attack you in COD3?

Yeah. Haze = Not impressive. At all.

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The story is too old to be commented.