Bungie 2010 PAX Panel Videos

onPause Writes: "The whole Bungie 2010 PAX panel has just been posted online thanks to Halo Waypoint. In the first three videos Bungie shows us a behind the scenes look at creating Halo: Reach's art, story and gameplay. And in the fourth video they do a quick Q&A with some fans."

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mcroddi2877d ago

Bungie FTW! Last good Halo game? Maybe.

EvilBlackCat2877d ago

Thanks for the Halo games Bungie.


otherZinc2876d ago

Attention to detail seems to be the focus of Reach.

Reach will be fantastic!

RonyDean2877d ago

That third video was awesome! I love seeing prototypes of video games.

TROLL EATER2877d ago

protype was immense, like bungie aid only the best will make the cut.

mcroddi2877d ago

Right, that is a good thing, obviously.

Convas2877d ago

And if those prototype's were that good (especially the Global War in the Urban Setting), then GOTDAMN, the campaign is going to be MIND BLOWING. Gahhh I can't freaking wait.

Day One Good Sirs, Day one!

Munky2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Only 9 more days :D

Independent_Charles2877d ago

(btw i live the england)

can i go into cryo for the next 8 days?

darkequitus2876d ago

If I was a Halo fan, I would have jizzed in my pants in anticipation after seeing those vids. Oh wait a minute...I need to change my pants.

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