150° Features | Inside the Call of Duty: Black Ops Press Event (Video)

Kombo has a new behind the scenes video up of the Call of Duty: Black Ops event that took place in LA on September 1. It looks pretty extravagant.

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acronkyoung2938d ago

Saw several of the helper girls showing signs of being cold. And they were wearing white tank tops? Activision did this on purpose! EVIIIIIIIIIIIL!

uxo222938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Perhaps if there were wearing the tank tops without bras I could see your point. But, they were wearing tank top, long skirts, and birth control glasses. They looked more like librarians than sluts.

RogueCheddar2938d ago

Wow, the Reach event was nothing like this- twenty people in a hotel conference room with as many TVs, catering, and a serious lack of babes in glasses. I can't believe how hardcore Activision went for this. They're dumb.

VTHockey4112938d ago

You know, I'm jealous. Reach event! Wish I could've gotten my hands on it early!

JeffGrubb2938d ago

Yeah, let's just say more than a few of the girls were trying to smuggle in tic-tacs under their shirts.

JeffGrubb2938d ago

It was like 65, but they gave the girls nothing to wear.

ThirdMarioBro2938d ago

Does Activision just hate women or what?

JeffGrubb2938d ago

Why? Because they treat them like objects which are only there to serve us and wear sex uniforms?

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