BS Control: Sony not banning jailbroken PS3 consoles yet

An Italian website who claimed that Sony has started banning PSJailbreak users is in fact posting fake info. The post was first made in late August, and uses an old screen from PSN that is two years old.

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Godmars2902970d ago

For that matter there's yet to be any real response from Sony. No idea if they can block the the thing with an update.

pesevengi2970d ago

Bans seem inevitable, although they have not started yet. On the FP there is an article claiming they have, although this is nonsense based on the false info from the Italian website.

Red_Orange_Juice2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

suspended = you're being watched, we can perm-ban your ass anytime you pirate

Zir02970d ago

I'm sure the pirates aren't stupid enough to go online while using the Backup Manager.

GigaGaia2970d ago

And I am sure Sony can see what you do offline the next time you go online. They aren't stupid, they probably anticipated the PS3 would be hacked since day 1. They'd know people would try those things offline not to be caught.

Even the Wii log you when you're offline, so the ps3 does it too.

Sony are probably telling themselves they were lucky the ps3 took this long to hack.

FFXNo12970d ago

If they weren't stupid, then how is MS banning them from xbox live?

As soon as SONY starts banning this idiots, we will see news like "Collective lawsuit because SONY banned a bunch of idiots".

Interview in Fox News:

Banned idiot: "But I thought SONY was joking about banning idiots like me!"

Idiot Fox News Reporter: "SONY should pay for all the damage done to this hard working parasite that wants everything free. This is UN-AMERICAN"

SONY: "FUCK U parasite, buy another console"

Me: LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL (while playing Killzone, LBP2, etc"

Zinc2970d ago

And Fox News has to do with what exactly? Keeping in mind I have no general love for Fox News, as they railroaded Ron Paul every chance they could. But, I don't see the connection.

Gilliand2970d ago

Yeah saying Fox news is pretty random, since most media outlets seem to have a bloodlust against vidya games.

Tres212970d ago

i think ya readin into the joke a lil 2 much but basically Fox always seems 2 jump on the bandwagon wit video game hatin & not makin ne sense when they do or wantin 2 hav a say in gaming when its clear tha last game most of em played was pong

FFXNo12970d ago

Mass Effect, Medal of honor. Fox is the #1 network that would do anything to hurt gaming. Remember the interview with the guy from when the sex scene in Mass Effect? Is just a joke, but I do hope the pirates get banned

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T9X692970d ago

Hell I'd say its fake just for the fact that Sony is smart enough to put a space between console and suspended, not to mention not capitalize suspended at all. Also the text is a smaller value than the rest of the error message and placed horribly. Its pretty obvious its a horrible photoshop job. They should have just edited the source code to make it look more believable, but I guess they're not that smart.

tdogg060519912970d ago

People will be all like, time to go online with the backup manager then. Then Sony drops the Banhammer lol.

You Noob2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Someone @maxoncole is really an idiot.

The fact that they used an old image, doesn't mean that Sony doesn't started banning pirates.

The image is used just for 'scenery'

They (the italian site) never sayd that the image 'is actual and it's the prove'

pesevengi2970d ago

It was posted in late August too, wouldn't many more people be reporting 'bans now too' if they happened so quick? Use your brain.

MisterAV2970d ago

i'm italian, they say that some users have been banned:
Alcuni utenti che si sono precipitati all'acquisto della chiavetta in questione e abusandone senza farsi troppi problemi sulla legittimità delle loro azioni, recentemente non hanno potuto fare altro che constatare che la loro console era stata esclusa dall'utilizzo di qualsiasi servizio online offerto da Sony.

Short translation:
Some users that have already bought the key and used without thinking much about the consequentialities of their action, found that they have been banned from all the online services offered from sony.

The image can be there for "scenery" but they written about banning.

spandexxking2970d ago

the picture is old but its also has "create account" in the top left. basically someone tried making a PSN ID called "consolesuspended" hence the reason it has no spaces.
The "sorry an error occured whilst creating your account" also gives it away ;p

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