Game of the Year? GameSpy's Perfect Score BioShock Review

"There is a definite reason that BioShock has earned GameSpy's Game of the Show for the last two years at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. While some have called developer Irrational's magnum opus "the spiritual successor to System Shock 2" (the PC title widely hailed as one of, if not the, greatest games ever realized), we are more inclined to label it as the spiritual superior. That's not a statement that we take lightly, mind you, but when confronted by a masterpiece of this magnitude -- a game that is almost more of a quest of self-discovery than a mere plaything -- it's impossible to not recognize the brilliance flooding your senses."

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MK_Red4052d ago

I'm good with eveery site that gives perfect score to BioShock and GameSpy just did that. GOTY worthy indeed.


Yep. Mark my words, Bioshock & Mass Effect in a Steel Cage Match for GOTY !!