Metroid Prime 3: Phazon Enhancement Device, Air Assault videos

More Metroid Prime 3: Corruption goodness comes in today, by way of two new videos QJ's picked up for your viewing pleasure. The first video will be a quick rundown on Phazon - a recurring element in the Metroid universe.

For the unfamiliar, Phazon is a mutagenic substance often used by the Space Pirates - a recurring villain in Metroid - as a means of enhancing their own combat capabilities. This trailer features Phazon being used by a friendly Marine battalion for test purposes, although a cutscene indicates that some of the troopers are beginning to succumb to the element's notoriously corrupting effects (hence Metroid Prime 3's subtitle).

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ShadoWulf4016d ago

Marines that can actually kill things! This should be interesting.