Kinect official UAE launch date & pricing

MEGamers: "Kinect will launch in the UAE on November 10th with 15 titles available at launch. Kinect will be available separately and also as a part of different set of SKUs, bullet-pointed below:

- Kinect sensor with Kinect Adventures for AED 699.
- Xbox 360 4GB Kinect + Kinect Adventures for AED 1,399
- Xbox 360 250GB Kinect + Kinect Adventures for AEd1,650"

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Omega42997d ago

Wait, so now there is a 250GB Kinect bundle....

cobraagent2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

since MS tries to attract the casual gamers and they don't know that GB stands for...

Hallmark Moment2997d ago

The age of Moblie devices and storage enabled AV devices and people don't know what GB is? Just saying...

cobraagent2997d ago

but my 70 year old uncle has a Wii and doesn't know what GBs are

a08andan2996d ago

I always thought that it was really weird that they only had a 4GB bundle. It feels like its pretty stupid to buy the 4GB bundle if you ever decide to go into more hardcore Xbox 360 games. Then you will have to buy and extra hard-drive I suppose? What was the point of the 4GB Xbox 360 anyway, is it different from the other Xboxes in any way, except for the hard-drive ofc?

N4GAddict2996d ago

How much is AED compare to USD?

Substance1012996d ago

3.68 aed in 1 usd.

I am currently in the UAE. Game prices here for consoles are a rip off, a game will cost you 270AED here, its like 73USD. PC games still cost 49usd though.

coolcut1352996d ago

this is only in the major places
roam around a little and u will find people willing to sell for 220 and such.
picked up heavy rain n bad company 2 for 200 apeice.

saimcheeda2996d ago

its even more costly, a PS3 game will cost you 30 RO which is $78 US

KratosGirI2996d ago

Same shit in Bahrain. You just gotta ignore those big shops like Geekay or whatever and look at those small shops here and there.
Hell, even Virgin has some decent prices once in a while. (Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box for AED 139 or 149 and that was a week after its release)

Substance1012996d ago


cant say anything for heavy rain since its not on the PC. However BC2 is available on steam for 29sd which would be 106AED, thats a 100AED cheaper then what you paid. Big difference imo.

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sak5002996d ago

Is that the Slim model offered with Kinect as i just bought 360S 250GB last month for 1350AED = $366? If id' waited i would have bought this one. Now have to buy it for 699 for my GF.


What Iddiot would ever buy a 4G Xbox without controler for that price? my phone has more gigs... seriously Is this Legal?

KratosGirI2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Bahrain needs official releases too. A Kinect-less 250GB 360 costs the same as a 250GB 360 with Kinect over here!

But on topic, the prices aren't too bad, but I'll stick with the AED 249 PS Move Starter Pack.

It's strange how it's $50 cheaper in the US while it's AED 450 cheaper in the UAE when AED 450 = almost $120.

But in the end, we're gonna get screwed over by the both of them over here -_-

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