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Assassin’s Creed 2 with Cel-Shading graphics looks awesome

This mod changes Assassin’s Creed 2 graphics into Cel-Shading and looks really great. (Assassin's Creed 2, PC)

Beatboxtaun  +   1472d ago
I'm a sucker for cel-shaded graphics. <3
RememberThe357  +   1472d ago
Ever since I first played Jet Set Radio Future I've been a sucker too.
Then came Dragon Queast 8, Okami, and Rogue Galaxy. I've been a sucker since.

On a side note, it needs to be said how great the soundtrack for Assassin's Creed 2 is. The music is beautiful.

EDIT: I couldn't tell the difference until I went to youtube to watch it. The bigger screen makes it easier to see the difference.
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Conloles  +   1471d ago
Bu bu but consoles can do this
Psfan999  +   1471d ago
Yes, yes they can.

Thank you for the update.
StylizedPlayer  +   1471d ago
This is sooo old. It came out when the game came out. N4G has really gone down in the dumps lately
DigitalAnalog  +   1471d ago
@where is the "cel-shaded" graphics.
The colors are more pronounced but I really don't see anything remotely different.

-End statement
comp_ali  +   1472d ago
Ubisoft don't deserve modding community love. Apart from their DRM ,their PC releases are just direct ports.
Trey_4_life  +   1472d ago
Assasins creed + cel shaded graphics? no just NO.
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BLuKhaos  +   1471d ago
Eh that's basically what Prince Of Persia(2008) was.
ThanatosDMC  +   1472d ago
Now, is there a zombie mod?
Kakihara  +   1472d ago

There's the video for those who don't enjoy having their eyes raped by awful ad ridden German sites.

I have to say though, to be honest it just looks to me like playing with the contrast settings turned all the way up on your TV.
LeonhartX  +   1472d ago
the video ain't clean enough for me to determine
SpaceFox  +   1471d ago
I.. dont see the difference.
Eamon  +   1471d ago
lol same.
Psfan999  +   1471d ago
Yep, same for me.
-SIXAXIS-  +   1471d ago
Same for me too!
Mc Fadge  +   1471d ago
This really doesn't look like cel-shading. It just looks like extremely crushed blacks and brighter colour, like Kakihara said above.
Syaz1  +   1471d ago
yeah, i agree. cell shading tends to look like the image is on a flat plane. this is more like crayon shading, oil painting kinda looks.
karl  +   1471d ago
i was wondering how borderlands would look like if the cel shading were off
koehler83  +   1471d ago
It's not cellshading it's an Ink Outlines photoshop filter.
josh14399  +   1471d ago
it looks like the contrast is too high and someones changed the color settings
bendan   1471d ago | Spam
DarkChris  +   1471d ago
Now way this is cel-shading... The illumination shader might be changed to an cel-shading shader, but it just doesn't look right... Maybe the creator should have cel-shaded the textures as well... It just looks like the creator has used a bad tone mapping operator...
itsralf  +   1471d ago
lol. this definitely isn't cel-shaded
BannedForNineYears  +   1471d ago
It is, watch it on Youtube.
Also, the curves adjustment makes the shadows look a ton better.
CaptainPunch  +   1471d ago
Here's the cell shaded video, to be honest it doesn't look cell shaded that much.

Related video
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neogeo  +   1471d ago
Many PC mods suck and only a few are great like the fallout 3 natural lighting mod and the trees and grass mod that makes it look like oblivion.

I like a few of the crysis mods also, One makes crisis look better and even RUN better FPS. lol@ EA for doing a junk job on the crytec game engine that a modder can make it look and run better.
faraany33k  +   1471d ago
Try playing Counter Strike, Insurgency, zombie panic, DOTA .. You will start loving mods.
awiseman  +   1471d ago
LOL@another ps3 fanboy article on n4ps3fans(g)
This probably is not a cell shaded mod. In all likelyhood it is just someone playing with a a TV setting contrast turned all the way up. Il bet thumbs down will start flying my way by the ps3 fanboys.

Interesting though is how if this really was cell shaded graphix then isnt any real improvement over the original version. Then the ps3 fanboys who wrote and approved this article just pwned themselves. lol@more thumbs down for me cuz I speak the truth.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1471d ago
But..it's on the pc..
hassi94  +   1471d ago
What the fuck are you talking about!?
TheGreenMan  +   1471d ago
The irony is that your screen name is "awiseman"...yet there is not a shred of tact or wisdom your completely irrelevant post.
Armsgraph  +   1471d ago
if anything i would want a physX mod or patch for ac
xTHRASHx  +   1471d ago
Jeez sum1s pc sucks
Did you see the draw distance on that bush? It was like 3 feet? I get closer to bush then that.
Areeb11  +   1471d ago
that's what he said.
hi hi hihihihihi
skip2mylou  +   1471d ago
its good except for all the graphic tearing :/
Whatever123456  +   1471d ago
@MC Fadge
@ "Cel-Shading?
This really doesn't look like cel-shading. It just looks like extremely crushed blacks and brighter colour, like Kakihara said above."

Couldnt agree more, looks hideous fran an artistic standpoint
"subtlety is key"
CrIpPeN  +   1471d ago
Doesn't look like cel-chading, just darker contrast.

Cel-shading for me is Prince of Persia on PS3/Xbox 360.

and Okami, when everything looks like an painting.
asgharagha  +   1471d ago
its why i love pc gaming .
devilhunterx  +   1471d ago
One day there will be an article of a PC gamer ACTUALLY playing a video game. Till then, here are some modding/tweaking articles

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