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OXM Reviews Quantum Theory, And It Isn't Good

Official Xbox Magazine have released their review of Tecmo Koei's Gears of War lookalike Quantum Theory, and the outcome isn't good. (PS3, Xbox 360)

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PhilipLarkin  +   1516d ago
Hate to say I told you so
TROLL EATER  +   1516d ago
a real poor poor mans gears
Conloles  +   1515d ago
Hahaha and all the PS3 fanboys were so looking forward to it.
MmaFanQc  +   1515d ago
"PS3 fanboys were so looking forward to it"


you should try harder.....now you just look silly.
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xztence  +   1515d ago
Troll-sense tingling!


That didn't make any sense at all.
Just because it looks like gears? which is a shitty game by itself?
you're a funny person.
tdogg06051991  +   1515d ago
Once this went Multiplat
I decided it wasn't something I would care about.
pixelsword  +   1515d ago
@ consoles:

I thought the PC people were looking forward to this. PS3 owners have Uncharted 1 and 2, and the PC has......

.... just gears 1.
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   1515d ago
will the Japanese please get back to making great Japanese games like Ninja Gaiden and JRPGs instead of pumping out crap Westernized FPS games.
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Elvfam511  +   1515d ago
Still gettin it..... Simpson did it
palaeomerus  +   1515d ago
" Hahaha and all the PS3 fanboys were so looking forward to it."
That was before it went multiplatform.
specialguest  +   1515d ago
RE: TotalPS3Fanboy
Those were my exact thoughts. Anyway, well said.
MysticStrummer  +   1515d ago
Nope... not really. We want a Gears clone just slightly more than we want a Halo clone, which is not much at all.
sikbeta   1515d ago | Offensive
UP  +   1515d ago
and Many Xbox 360 fanboys were rubbing it in when it went multi-platform. Bother sides do it GTFO
vickers500  +   1515d ago
I wasn't SUPER excited about it. I mean, I had hoped it would pretty much be Gears of War for ps3, but I guess I'll have to continue to wait further for something like that to happen (uncharted is cool, but I want a fictional tps multiplayer game with crazy weapons that are at least kind of unique, and not the generic m4, ak, rpg, shotgun, etc.).

But it's definitely not going to ruin my day, or even 5 minutes of my life for that matter.
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lelo2play  +   1515d ago
Is anybody surprised with this score?
StanLee  +   1515d ago
I'm surprised that there are those surprised by the review. The game was mediocre from day one. Those saying once it went multiplatform they lost interest just show how much of a fanboy they really are.
Mizz_mai  +   1515d ago
i reckon it should've stayed exclusive....at least playstation gamers would've appreciated it more as we dont exactly have a gears type game...(uncharted is SOMETHING ELSE)
chazjamie  +   1515d ago
i only trust plasma station reviews. until they review this game, every other review is pointless. never in my life have i enjoyed a review of a game (halo reach of all games).

Quagmire  +   1515d ago
Day 1

...in the bargain bin
vhero  +   1515d ago
Erm it went multi platform of course it was gonna get killed in terms of quality and reviews. More proof making a multi platform of a game that started single platform on PS3 just doesn't work.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1516d ago
this game should have been scrapped
mjolliffe  +   1516d ago
Certainly should of. Tecmo Koei were so confident as well! And it was delayed for improvements!
ZombieAutopsy  +   1516d ago
Sucks for Tecmo guess they should stick to Ninja Gaiden games, but still I hope they release a demo because I still think the game looks good (gameplay wise).
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jack_burt0n  +   1516d ago
Poor old tecmo they need to get DOA5 out the door pretty quick.

Both the 3ds games will be ports, doa will b @ tgs on ps3.
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SpoonyRedMage  +   1516d ago
Team Ninja just finished Other M and they announced Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden 3DS. They might be busy.

They need to get working on a sequel to Fist of the North Star if they want to makes lots of monies!
PtRoLLFacE  +   1516d ago
Omega4  +   1515d ago
So much for the Gears of War killer.

Naa thats a cross between too many games.

They did when it was a PS3 exclusive.
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Strange_Evil  +   1515d ago
Thought that was Vanquish
raztad  +   1515d ago
Hey Omega stop making stuff up. Nobody ever said QT was a Gears of War killer.
Hallmark Moment  +   1515d ago
Are you out of your mind?
There was fud comments and fud articles posted when it was thought this game was PS3 exclusive saying it's a Gears killer for a while.

Stated with these pics http://ps3.ign.com/dor/obje...

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raztad  +   1515d ago
Some of you guys are really pathetic.

I love the ratio of agrees/disagrees going on lately. It has to be a number of duplicates accounts from x-fanboys.

Posting some images at ign or any flamewar video from HipHopGamer wont support your point. Again, stop making stuff up. Nobody ever has hyped this game, even when it was exclusive.
Elven6  +   1515d ago
Actually, people were pretty hyped for Quantum Theory, on N4G alone by using the search feature you can find a ton of articles.






The hype slowly started to die down after it went multiplat and more footage was shown.
Tommykrem  +   1515d ago

I looked forward to Quantum Theory. At least long ago, until Vanquish appeared and Uncharted 2 turned out to smash the rest of the 3rd person shooter genre. Anyway, hype has indeed been dying out for this game.
Bigpappy  +   1515d ago
Okay Raz, Give it up
Looks like they caught you with your pants down again. Looks like those who said the game was being hyped, by PS3 fanboys, as a "Gears Killer" were right. They have shown you proof. Admit it, get over it and move on. I have never seen you try and defend your fanboy club so hard before.
exnihilonihilfit  +   1515d ago
Actually pappy
Even the person who provided the evidence admitted that the 'hype' wasn't ever that, just a few expressions of hope. A: Once the game went multiplat and B: Once more footage was released, PS3 fans gave up on it long ago. We don't need that to be the Gears Killer, UC2 has done that 10 times over.
Antan  +   1515d ago
" Are you out of your mind?
There was fud comments and fud articles posted when it was thought this game was PS3 exclusive saying it's a Gears killer for a while.

Stated with these pics http://ps3.ign.com/dor/obje...

http://n4g.com/news/214277/... "

@Hallmark, POG, Why Dis etc etc. You only signed up 135 days ago, yet you posted a link from nearly a year ago? Seriously? Oh, my bad....."Power Of Green" (thats you that is) commented. How silly of me. Its probably for the best if you stop accusing people of having multiple accounts when you've been doing it for years mate. Now, lets see if you comment with our "other" friend Niceguywii60. And remember........keep taking the sweeties.
Unicron  +   1515d ago
Haha. Busted.

Nice find.
outrageous  +   1515d ago
Good point Omega!!!
I remember the PS3 guys claiming it was the next big thing on PS3 as well because it was exclusive and uses the power of the PS3. Of course not much was known about it at that time. I don't think anyone is saying that nowadays. They should of just ripped off the ( Gears ) cover system, some of the ( Gears ) dialog like Vanquish does and then they could PRETEND it's original.
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asyouburn  +   1515d ago
gears cover system
was not original. it was ripped from other games
pixelsword  +   1515d ago
kill.Switch, it was.

*does force crap*
guzman  +   1515d ago
Vanquish is the Gears killer. Btw, nice Omega alt you've got there Outrageous. Don't worry, you'll be down to one bubble soon enough.
guzman  +   1515d ago
@Asyouburn: Indeed, Winback and Kill.switch all had prototypical cover systems.
Karum  +   1515d ago
Nobody ever hyped this game as a Gears Killer.

All anyone ever said was that it was a Gears clone.

The reason that any PS3 only-owners were excited for the game was because they were hoping an exclusive, similar to gears would have been coming to PS3.

As for the rabid fanboys that blindly just talk trash for no good reason, why are you addressing them or taking their comments seriously like they actually matter? It makes you look stupid, as does your own version of fanboyism.
ico92  +   1515d ago
the funny thing is , as of 2010 most ps3 owners couldnt care less about this game because U2 murders both this and gears
cliffbo  +   1515d ago

actually they said it was just like gears of war not that it was better please get your facts right or do you like looking like a donkey on here ?
redsquad  +   1515d ago
Nope, I never did, nada, not once. Stop pretending a 'handful' equals 'all'...
AcesHigh291  +   1515d ago
Kinda thought this would happen.

It was a great concept I'll give them that.
frankymv  +   1515d ago
was anybody expecting anything different?
Masta Kaos  +   1515d ago
Well its my bloody money so im gonna get it......
palaeomerus  +   1515d ago
I'm gonna get it too but after a serious price drop.
Acquiescence  +   1515d ago
The game never looked...
remotely interesting in the first place.

When you've got games like Catherine, Epic Mickey, LittleBigPlanet 2 and The Last Guardian on the way, how are you even supposed to acknowledge a game so brutally unimaginative as this.
dorron  +   1515d ago
3/10? It seems a little bit biashed. Game may be bad, but can't imagine how bad should it be to score a 3/10...Even Hanna Montana game scored better.
sack_boi  +   1515d ago
"Even Hanna Montana game scored better"
That's how bad this game is.
MrLife   1515d ago | Offensive
Ve3tro  +   1515d ago
gauntletpython  +   1515d ago
Does anyone else think its funny when outlets promote other publications' reviews? Its like acknowledging they aren't influential.
RyuDrinksTheDew  +   1515d ago
saw this coming from a mile away.

the gameplay videos said it all.
KratosGirI  +   1515d ago
People really hyped this shit 2 years ago?
Karum  +   1515d ago
I'm still kinda interested in the game so I might well check it out.

I've always hoped there would be a demo, and still do.
MrLife  +   1515d ago
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bendan   1515d ago | Spam
Master of Unlocking  +   1515d ago
there, they've done it...Just when Koei-Tecmo was starting to show signs of straying away from the Dynasty Warriors series a little bit and trying something new, they broke them in their momentum.

Oh well, back to hacking & slashing through a myriad of samurais/chinese soldiers coming out from a thick pixelated fog, I guess, LOL
holdmedownma2008  +   1515d ago
I'm still going to check it out. A lot of you guys have to remember this is just someone's opinion. How does anyone know a game is 2, 3 or 4 if they never played it?
sack_boi  +   1515d ago
Do you need to eat sh!t to know it's bad?
asyouburn  +   1515d ago
my chinese friend
gave me some kinda stinky bean curd stuff one time, and it smelled REALLY bad, like worse than a corpse that crapped itself, but i ate it, and it was good.
TheColbertinator  +   1515d ago
Saw it coming a mile away
pixelsword  +   1515d ago
I thought it looked very good at first, then after seeing some of the footage I thought it wasn't going to be good at all; it just wanted to be Gears of War too much. The Characters had even less personality than Fenix did.

Actually, Fenix has some personality. I like Cole and whiny Barid, and even Dom's punk crybaby behind.

To be fair though, I will say I'll wait for a demo, but if there is none, I'll have to rely on reviewers. 360 fans will bat it down because it encroaches on Gears, and PS3 fans will bat it down because Uncharted 2 is probably the best TPS out; plus, the whole multi-platform thing.
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Cock4Gamers  +   1515d ago
back when it was an exclusive people hyped the crap out of this game saying it was like Gears but better. There were comments like "LMAO now the PS3 has something like Gears! The 360 is done!" Then, gameplay videos came out and only the most radical PS fanboys clung onto that game. Once it went multiplat, everyone hated it. It's funny how times change.
guzman  +   1515d ago
Tecmo should've canned this one.
FreddySavage  +   1515d ago
suprisingly i have never heard of this game
i looked it up on youtube, however, and found this


^whether the game sucks or not, after watching that trailer i'm gonna have to play it with my own two hands before i can draw any conclusions on the matter.

My fellow gamers, please remember, people who review video games are REGULAR PEOPLE just like me and you...some of us don't like uncharted, some dont like god of war, some dont like halo, some dont like call of duty etc etc...but does that mean those aren't good games?

i'm not saying this is a good or a bad game...i'm just saying...i wanna play it lol :) and then if it sucks...it sucks lol
despair  +   1515d ago
meh didn't look too good but my guess is 3/10 is overdoing it, thats "game broken" kind of score. This just looks like a Gears ripoff and not done as well, I'll wait for more reviews but I don't expect much.
knightdarkbox  +   1515d ago
gears 2 PWNDS this game all day...
TheLastGuardian  +   1515d ago
I hope Vanquish gets good reviews.
konspiracy187  +   1515d ago
I'll wait for more reviews to pour in. Would be nice to have a demo to test the waters on this one, but if the game is an utter WTF!? blemish on Koei-Tecmo's catalogue hope they learned from it, and stick to their guns on the next project.
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