Intel Core 2 Q6600 G0 Stepping: Cheap Quad Core Just Got Better

AnandTech checks out the newer G0 Stepping Q6600 chips released to the market after the July price drop.

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ThePantsMobile4052d ago

$266 isn't bad for the Q6600. I'd pick it up but I need that cash for games!

Charlie26884052d ago

If you are in for games I would recommend the Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 since Toms Hardware and AnandTEch recommend that one for games and Intel Core 2 Q6600 for rendering...both are the same price also

I would upgrade to Quad when there are more powerful ones and they are cheaper

aslucher4052d ago

ya but its a quad.. cant deny that will come with some bragging rights... and at that price! i only need the 8800 to come down!! only one more year... lol

risk4052d ago

well charlie that is correct...BUT.. Q6600 is almost the same price, as an e6850, and they both overclock about the same. if you are going to buy a high end dual core buy the q6600 instead, not all games use its 4 cores but it really helps.

DeadlyFire4052d ago

Some games will use it. Far Cry 2, Crysis, and I think Unreal Tournament 3 are setup to use multiple cores. The high end Dual core may be cheaper and a little faster, but the Q6600 or Q6700 with G0 stepping might give you better bang for the buck. They can overclock pretty well and will pay off better in the long run. AMD might release something a bit better than both though in October-December. Only time will tell really.

deadeyes994051d ago

why would you buy this junk when penryn is so close and soooo much better intel trying to dig out every penny off stupid people i guess,