Rumor - Microsoft Handhelds, No Xbox Portable

We're on the brink of the third quarter and the holiday shopping season is staring major retailers in the face. It's as hot as nine hells outside this afternoon but are things about to get hotter for Microsoft and the Zune?

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ReBurn4058d ago

But it is a fine media device as far as functionality goes. The price needs to drop if they stand even a remote chance of competing with the iPod.

FordGTGuy4058d ago

Your kidding me right? The Zune is probably better being a little bigger it has a bigger screen, fits in your pocket, can stand on its side(helps when watching vidoes, and is easy to hold in your hands.

ArduousAndy4058d ago

I perfer the zune due to its size. It has a nice screen especially for watching videos.

However both devices had things the other didnt that i wish they had.
The one gripe I have with the Zune is that the computer does not read it as a storage device so I can not treat it as a portable hard drive. The Ipod does.

The Ipod the scroll wheel was too sensative and it gave my finger not a numb burn but more of an iritation (if that makes sense) while scrolling through my music.
The screen as I stated above was too small.

But thats for nitpicking on both sides.

The one thing I do wish the zune had was a way to get podcasts like itunes.

Tempo4058d ago

the Zune is awsome for video media content....if you are intrested in dling your videos check out the xilisoft converter pack for zune. I just put half of an anime season on there

ShiftyLookingCow4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I think MS should never enter the Handheld console market, instead make games on DS.

Power of Red4058d ago

sounds like a good idea, but what kind of game tho? halo maybe?

Bnet3434058d ago

They already got Viva Pinata DS, rumor has it that there is Halo DS. It might convert some DSer's to become Halo fans.

akaFullMetal4058d ago

dont think halo would be a good choice, or not a fps halo would be well done on a handheld, well not yet anyways, hopefully though the psp2 will have to analog sticks so that fps can be done on it good finally

Double-Edged4058d ago

The DS is really dominating.
While PSP is the spot for Modders, like myself.

I don't think it's the right time to release a portable system at the moment.

I'm already too happy with the DS and PSP.


pilotpistolpete4058d ago

Man I feel like I've been living under a rock. I've never heard of Zunes.

My cred to MS though, nothing is beneath them. I'm still waiting for the Hotbox 360 before I buy a Toaster oven.

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