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Trillicks writes "We all have a favourite game. Whether it be the first game we played, the first we completed or simply because it is utterly awesome......."

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DarkFantasy2998d ago

Half-Life 2 + episodes + portal :)

lociefer2997d ago

and Soul Reaver, yessss i know i mention it in every goddamn article but its a lost gem

DarkFantasy2997d ago

oh yeah i forgot about that..its a great game..i would love to see that game again..i never got to play the ps2 version only the first :(

OnlyTheTruth2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Great games.

Gonna have to throw Street Fighter III: Third Strike on my list. No other fighting game has created as many memories as that one has and everything about it, 11 years later, is still top notch today. Great animations, characters, music, and stages. Not to mention the deep level of mastery required to play it at a high level... people are still discovering new techniques and strategies. I also think it's one of the most entertaining games to watch, in general. So much hype sometimes.

The final round of this match is a perfect example of why I love this game so damn much:

I hope Third Strike - Online Edition brings a new generation of people to enjoy this masterpiece.

SpaceFox2997d ago

For me, Final Fantasy X. Beautiful story.

SeanRL2997d ago

For me, Fallout 3, MGS4, Space invaders, Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal and Pokemon Yellow. Those are my top 5.

zatrox2997d ago

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The first one, for GameCube, and probably the only one that was great between the series. Probably the only FF I'll love with my heart, too.

It was...awesome.

Mikeyy2997d ago

terrible article, lol,

anyway if where talking about old school games that you still crave to play all these years later my list is:

Perfect Dark
Final Fantasy vii
Doom 2
Duke nukem 3d

2997d ago
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