IGN: Halo: Reach PAX Panel Report

This morning Bungie had what is likely to be their final public discussion of a Halo title prior to its release, as you're now just 10 day away from the release of their Microsoft exclusive swan-song, Halo: Reach. With that in mind, their panel this morning at this year's PAX started off with the bittersweet reminded that the music the audience was hearing was a taste of the last music composer Marty O'Donnell would be contributing to a series to which he contributed quite a bit of identity.

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HyperBear2993d ago

I found it odd reading this that Bungie didn't implement that "spartan hijacking an elite and sticking it with an explosive device" animation/gameplay. I think that feature would have been really cool.

The others I'm glad they didn't put it. ie: UNSC and Covenant Craft fighting (that would lag so much and the fun would be takin right out of it), the boat and watercraft protoypes (maybe useful in Multiplayer, but still not really Halo-esq), and the Giant Brutes (would also be a kinda cool idea, but again, it just wouldn't work, maybe if they implemented that in Halo 3, but not Reach)

goldensfree2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

well done bungie!

look forward to giving you my cash
tho it hurts paying ms to play it

rip Halo (well see some epic dlc im sure but noones gonna do halo so well as they have.)

DirtyLary2993d ago

Good article. Thanks for sharing.

Memo-Xen x31002993d ago

A week Tuesday and this sucker is finally mine! Ahhahahaha!!

2993d ago