Is 3D Gaming a Waste of Money?

Whether you like it or not, 3D is looking like the inescapable future of video games. After cleaning up with Blu-ray, Sony is working hard to usher in another big industry standard.

With most finally coming to terms with the cost of a nice HDTV, buying an even more pricey 3D TV set is a big ask - but is it even worth it? Here, PSM3 makes the case for - and against - reaching for the credit card.

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Substance1013023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I think its a bit too much too soon. I have 3 HDTVs in my house (40inch+). All of which were purchased within the last 1 year. I dont forsee myself going for another TV anytime soon.

Also the fact that 3DTV just is too costly these days. If one was to buy a 2-3k usd worth TV, i would atleast want my games running in 1080p, which sadly no console is able to currently do in 3D.

I would rather invest the money in a PC gaming Rig which would atleast give the complete experience at a much lower cost and probably be compatible with most of the games i already own.

a08andan3023d ago

I agree that it isn't worth it if you haven't got a lot of money, but it will be worth it in the future. Sony has filed a patent for stereoscopic split-screen which I believe will be enabled in the Playstation 4. Stereoscopic splitscreen, for those who don't know what it means, is having a splitscreen without splitting the screen in two. The glasses will separate the two "screens" so that you only see your own and hear your own sound (they will have earplugs on them). When this arrives, then it will be worth it :)

3023d ago
a08andan3023d ago

Well I don't know if its compatible with the TV:s we have today, and they filed a patent some months ago so it will be a few years til we see it :)

Blaine3023d ago

Down with cheating friends.

JsonHenry3023d ago

I think having the tech now doesn't hurt. But I think given a few years, and certainly by the next generation of consoles these TVs will be in more homes than you might think.

a08andan3023d ago

Yeah, the tv:s will be cheap enough by then so that everyone who has a job can afford one :)

Sprudling3023d ago

In a few years it's going to be hard to find a new TV which isn't 3D ready, just like it's hard to find a 720p only TV today. 3D is not a big upgrade from normal HDTVs, so the price will drop fast.

Rainstorm813023d ago

it is a lil pricey.... but what tech isnt when first released?

you can get a 3d tv for 2000$ and to think a bluray pplayer was half that at launch.

I think having 3d tv's available to consumers will enhance the quality of 3d media. Think of what HD content was available at the time of HDTV rise to almost every channel has an HD counterpart....within 5 yrs, i predict 3dtvs will have the same rise.

R2D23023d ago

Well said every one above - I would just like to add that 3D gaming is not really a good idea for the hardcore because of the amount of time the spend playing a video a game, movies are fine being that most the are 2 hrs max.

The glasses are also not a good investment - I would wait until the 3d TV that dont need glasses are release.

Why o why3023d ago

about the potential long term damaged caused by watching 3d through glasses for long periods but im even more concerned about the effects glasses'less 3d viewing could do. Either way gaming using any such method should be limited

a08andan3023d ago

Glasses will most definitely become a good investment once stereoscopic splitscreen is here. As it is now though, I agree with you :)

nickjkl3023d ago

wait what

exactly how cheap and small are these 3 hdtvs

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Bazookajoe_833023d ago

Ive only played pacific rift and super stardust. In pacific rift i can see the advantage of 3D because of depth you get. In stardust it was pretty cool and made the game more visualy appealing, but i didnt gain anything in the gameplay. I think 3D can be a hit as long as it´s optional. The price of the tvs will go down just as with the hdtv´s.

hennessey863023d ago

NO but its guna take some saving before i buy one.

Game13a13y3023d ago

i guess the real question should be, "is XBL a waste of money?"

Rainstorm813023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

what does that have to do with the price of tea in china???

comp_ali3023d ago

bit off topic . sry to bubble you down.

Cherchez La Ghost3023d ago

What does XBL....., never mind.

120FPS3023d ago

No the REAL question is - If God is real, why does he allow knobheads like you to be born?


if god is real why did dinosaurs come before men
on topic i think the "is xbl" was justified in that everything is getting called a waste of money buy fanboys if you like something get it if not dont. but before judging at least TRY IT

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sonicsidewinder3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

In all honesty, the film industry hasn't harnesed the 3d technology well enough. It's still a gimmick. Untill they do, only then will 3d really make a mark. Unless the games industry beats them to it.

Right now, it's still just an experiment, but it is being marketed as the next big thing when it just isn't (in it's current form). The movies, the TV's. The only 3d entity i'm interested in is the 3DS because it removes the need for glasses. - That is a decent move foreward in the tecnology that needs to be applied to all forms of 3d viewing first and foremost. Then they should start to make moves on how to apply the technology.

Give it time and we'll see.

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