Retailers: Move will outsell Kinect

GamePro: Based on customer feedback, Kinect will lose the motion control war against the Move, according to a video games retailer and a games distributor.

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SuperTiger3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

In the article it says Retailers not Experts.
But it's probably true anyway.

CrazyForGames3023d ago

considering kinnects prime well only market "casual" i doubt it

the casual crowd will look at kinnect and think oh look gee wiz this is so new and looks interesting blah blah blah

you get the picture anyways im willing to bet kinnect sells better like it or not

mikeslemonade3023d ago

I say it's too close to call. It can go either way. It is more certain that PS3 will outsell the 360 this generation than to say the Move will outsell the Kinect. If the hardcore like the Move then it will win, but if the casuals like the Kinect a lot then the Kinect will win.

CrazyForGames3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

kinnect has casual written all over it and the casual crowd will eat it up compared to the move
that should be obvious don't see how anyone can think otherwise

the casual crowd will chose kinnect over move
the so called hardcore will chose move over kinnect

but if anything has been learned this generation
casual > hardcore
sales wise at least

lowcarb3023d ago

Consumers have been speaking with there dollars in favor of 360 all year long and will more than likely do the same come Kinect launch. To me Move has been kind of piggy backing Kinect hype and has a great chance of luring away uneducated consumers confused between the two. If anything I would just like for Sony and MS at least give Nintendo a little run for the money. If Wii announces a price cut and starts advertising Epic Mickey and a few other games It may overshadow any Kinect or Move news.

3023d ago
csimpson3023d ago

It's an article about how the devices will perform at retail -- hence, retailers are experts.

qface643023d ago

that's like saying librarians are great scholars
just saying

Bigpappy3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Head line sound like it is unanimous. Then you read the last like and the last retailer says:

JB Hi-Fi CEO, Terry Smart, was optimistic the two devices are going to have an impact on the gaming market and said it was hard to pick a possible winner.

“However, the Kinect is significantly different in the sense it doesn’t require a controller and is motion activated by sensing body movements,” he said. “So it’s definitely the biggest difference or change in gaming that is coming along.”

Smart dismissed the notion the Kinect’s unique control system will deter consumers from buying the product.

“Australians love new technology and are extremely good at adopting the latest products and will therefore be drawn to the Kinect,” he said. “Having said that, there is an established base of PlayStation 3 users that will want to upgrade.

“If I was to put a bet down, I would say the Kinect [will win] for its uniqueness and will do extremely well.”

hot4play3023d ago

Kinect uses crap technology. Potential customers need to know that. MOVE uses both a controller AND a camera. Still waiting for those "hardcore games" M$. Maybe Kinect isnt precise and accurate enough to handle hardcore games? :)

lowcarb3023d ago

And educated customers need to know that Kinect uses no controller and in some ha=games both just like move can do.

hot4play3022d ago

And having no controller is precisely the problem. Lag anyone? I mean is it possible for Kinect to have mature games beyond "Adventures" and "Animals"...? Microsoft has yet to prove otherwise. All the games they've shown so far are too simple. The hardware can't handle it. (see: PS2 Eyetoy)

labwarrior3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Move cant do any of those, for 3D mapping on just one body point you need to hold a stick and if more gamers are in, more sticks = more money spent

Also Move cant map the body in 3D at all, only the point that holds a stick, talk about last gen and boring

Kinect is 10000x more advanced than Move is outselling it already by miles, it is 80 days in amazon top100 sellers, Move only 40 or less

Move uses crap 2D last gen technology, Kinect is the future

As for the "experts",i will have a good tow days laugh with their "news", they could just look at amazon sales, Kinect destroys Move by miles

Narutone663023d ago

you'll be buying 10 kinect bundles. You sound like Aaron Greenberg.

will_c_753023d ago

One thing I never seen mentioned in any of these articles, which I think could be used for a lot of different things, is the light sensors from EA Active 2.0. They shown the Kinect version being hands free, but I have a feeling it will adopt the lights as well. It also makes sense, that way they only have to worry about one control scheme, and it would be guaranteed to work. Plus the lights could be moved around and strapped to your hands, for use in all of EA sports titles. You could use them for say the newest Fight Night, and not have to worry about the remote breaking loose and smashing the tv. You could also play a version of Madden with you as quarterback, where you take the snap, hand it off or pass it. If EA is smart and uses its own tech, their sports games could be worth buying again.

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