1UP: Duke Nukem Forever Is Shockingly Real, Unsurprisingly Crass

The 15-minute demo (visible only behind closed doors after a two-hour wait) is... well, it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a Duke Nukem title. No game, however brilliant, could ever justify a 13-year wait, of course. But viewed with more realistic expectations, it seems exactly what old Duke fans would want from the series.

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Redempteur2693d ago

"there is no aim assist ?"

seriously ?
awesome ..

trully a "back in the days" ..FPS then

dgroundwater2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I hope that discounts the "snap-to-target" crap seen in modern aim-down-sights FPSes. Duke would rather spray a whole mag at the wall than have auto aim do his business for him!

Hellsvacancy2693d ago

Enough of this cam bussiness y cant we see sum proper hd footage? the games not a secret any-more

MEsoJD2692d ago

Its so damn annoying that I cant see some nice hd.

Edward-Kraken2692d ago

I do not like the fact that its going the regen health way... :(

2692d ago
cdland2692d ago

Blow it out your ass... The king lives.... come get some... lol wow :D

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