Warhawk's Blog Update - Warhawk Editors and Game Rigging

Dylan Jobe talks about Warhawk's level design and map editing.

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Robotz Rule3447d ago

I can't wait for Warhawk!:D

sonarus3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

4 those of you that werent in the beta you don't even know how it feels to have such goodness then have it taken away. I still feel the game is a bit of a rip off at 40 dollars but with the 60 dollar rip offs today am still gonna buy it. This will definetly be one of the more talked about ps3 games out this year. Also with the 40 dollar price there better be quite a significant number of downloadable content for FREE

Lord Anubis3447d ago

I don't think is a rip off for what the replayability offers. Lower price is always better but I'm not complaining about the current price.

HeartlesskizZ3447d ago

nicee, I miss the beta but im stil geting this game, i full prepay the game. just need to pick it up day one :)

s8anicslayer3447d ago

how is this game t $40 a ripoff, please fill us in!