GT5 Glitch: PAX Video shows an Ugly Bug

New PAX 2010 video shows a texture bug of Gran Turismo 5 (minute 1:53) and gameplay footage of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Goldeneye, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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KratosGirI3026d ago

And the shitstorm commences...

no_more_heroes3026d ago

I wonder if it being 3D has anything to do with it...

FishCake9T43026d ago

Yeah it is an ugly bug but at the same time the game does not come out till November so there is still time for improvement. I'm going to install it anyway if I can just undo the frekin blue screw holding the PS3 HDD in place.

sikbeta3026d ago

A bug, big deal, it's not the final product, GT5 will deliver Epicness...

inveni03026d ago

OH MY GOD! An unfinished game has a bug! Pardon me while I castrate myself in shame and pity for owning a console whose unfinished games can have bugs. /s

ZombieNinjaPanda3026d ago


Out of curiosity, explain to me how you patch something before it has even been released?

ProjectVulcan3026d ago

Its just a simple asset streaming bug, and shows how far GT5 is trying to push the hardware. A few simple tweaks will eliminate such issues in the finished product. If it were a fundamental physics bug or something i might be worried but as it is, its nothing

lovedaddy3026d ago

Its just a streaming issue - they will be streaming the track block (ie road etc) in chunks, (but probably pre-load all the physics, hence the car handling not being effected) - the track art just hasn't streamed in time is all. Thing is, you can get this with just about any modern game, just with things like driving games you need to get the data a lot quicker than say an FPS where your moving at walking / running pace.

Would explain the 10 gig requirement for GT5 too, loading off HDD is alot quicker, and a lot more consistent than loading off optical media.

Dee_913026d ago

whats the point of them bringing it up again ?

Venatus-Deus3026d ago

Its not a 'requirement', its optional!

diego7503026d ago

I am not even watching this vid just because is from that stupid german webpage. Shit!! It is a demo!! Every demos are bad and never represent the final content. I played Mafia II demo like 2 weeks ago and now I have played the game, It is a lot of difference!

goflyakite3025d ago

Why don't I ever here of glitches for other unreleased games?

ExplosionSauce3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Why don't we wait until it's released?

I agree. What's up with that.

At least PS3 games get a fix when needed. I was still waiting for ME1's graphical patch for over a year. Great game, but still.

YellowLightofDeath3025d ago

Yeah, a bad bug on a game theyve been working on for half a decade. I guarantee the game is finished.

Socrates3025d ago


I guess you didn't see the PS3 fanboys making a big deal about the fact that the 360 version of Rage crashed at Quakecon. Rage has a year to go, while GT5 comes out in two months.

bjornbear3025d ago

you people need to get a grip =P its a game, its going to have bugs

a game without bugs is not a real game, so cool =D pretty funny too xD

and this game could have all the bugs in the world, it still looks marginally better than forza 3 =P so keep crying babies

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bustamove3026d ago

And Anton is example #3. I'm aware of the fact that you guys are jealous of what this game will do when it comes out.

Trey_4_life3026d ago

Only a fool would write a article or column about a bug in a game thats still in development, you have to be an even bigger fool to believe this will be in the final product, this is polophony digital people, not some 3rd party developer like bungie.

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FACTUAL evidence3026d ago

Everything isn't perfect, and this isn't like it's a physics glitch *COUGH forza 3 COUGH* The textures just took a sec to load up. Could be fixed by PD, or install.

yoshiro3026d ago

i thought was a kotaku article lol

gtamike3025d ago

unreleased game so there will be bugs...

xJxdOggyStYLe3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

being in dev for this long...and being at a show..u think they would work everything out they def will be fixed by release but still...they have had ample time to make 3 games let alone 1...*shrug*

meh not to mention ...the guy is so impressed by need for speed HP
says it blows GT5 outta the water graphic wise....OUCH

EvilBlackCat3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

you guys bashed Forza 3 before been released for some minor glitchs and now that glitches have been shown on gt5 you guys call it just a minor problem and come with the excuse of "Yeah it is an ugly bug but at the same time the game does not come out till November so there is still time for improvement"

well 3 words for all of you(PS3+GT posers) and a ban for me.


Oh i am really proud to be ban because of this.

Oh yeah GT5 is a REAL SIM... LOL!!! you fuckers need to play PC Sims.

Gamers are the minority now. The majority is Console Makers Brand Mascots.

See i dont need many bubbles and a lot of ignorants at my side giving me bubbles to explain or say the truth.


MrBubble3025d ago

because PC's have the best driver sim

At least you still have rumble

hot4play3025d ago

Wow, there are a lot of 360 crybabies here. lol
GT5 (the best racing game ever) is miles ahead of Forza 3 and ONLY ON PS3.

Deal with it! :p

insomnium3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Do correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Forza still have the same bugs today? OMG what an embarrassing comment you made there. Get back at me when you see the final build on GT5 with this same glitch. Then we'll talk mkay?

FOXDIE3025d ago

ohh, now you made the little kitty sad :(

Perkel3025d ago

you don't deserve to even ban you ;)

Try to slit wrist or something , eat cat food, piss on generator...

lol , it's most funniest post of them all (N4G)


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Bathyj3025d ago

Is that it? A slight texture loading snag at the beginning of a race?

Jeeze, I've seen whole buildings pop in on GTA360, usually when you're just about to run into them.

I think you guys are trying to hard to find fault now. Its just coming off as desparate.

uxo223025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

No one had to look anywhere to fine that fault it was right there for millions to see. And I agree with two other comments I've read. One was for a game that have been in production for as long as this one has, I wouldn't have expected that type of glitch.

And two, so many people are calling it beta code, unfinished demo, unreleased game, blah blah blah, but yet you can't seem to use that same reasoning when you are flaming about kinect.

Please don't try to rationalize your BS biased behavior, I'm not blaming you for it, fanboyish is like crack you can't help yourself, you have absolutely no control over it.

insomnium3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

MS has shown nothing more than smoke and mirrors on the techical level. Everything genuine shown has been severely crippled due to technical difficulties.
As total opposite to Kinect Move is PROVEN to be extremely accurate and to be more than capable to cater to the hc-audience.

You are blaming him for bashing HARDWARE and because of that you try to make him look like a hypocrite if he defends SOFTWARE. This to me is quite funny. I can smell the desperation.

See move is not out yet but still it impresses. It seems it's you who has no control over the lids on you eyes. Your line of sight has to bee narrow not to see and understand this.

Bathyj3025d ago

Just because they've been working on it for a long time, doesnt mean its going to be bug free. In fact if you built a machine with 50 moving parts and then kept adding to it for 5 years there's alot more to go wrong.

A simple game with 5 years polish might be bug free, a mammoth undertaking like GT5 where they've just kept adding and adding content is millions of lines of code. A lot more to keep track of.

Do you think it would ever be perfect?

Besides we dont know what conditions it was filmed under.
Had the PS3 been running for 18 hours, was it in a glass case?
Who knows and who really cares, it was a slight delay on a texture stream, last I saw, every single retail versio of a game using unreal engine does that.

It may not even be in the final game, but even if it is, (which I bet you a grand it wont be) if thats the worst glitch in it, I'll be pretty happy come November.

And dont blame me for everything PS3fanboys say, I'm not responsible for them. If you have a problem with something I say, then so be it, but I'm not taking flack for the internet.

I dont like Kinect because M$ hasn't shown one real game worth buying it for, or even proved it can work on standard games, not because they are unfinished demos.
Vanquish is an unfinished demo and I love it.

uxo223025d ago

I didn't try and make anyone look like a hypocrite, read it and draw your own conclusions, you obviously felt like he's a hypocrite. I never said that, I was just pointing out an observation. You totally missed the point, so I will pass on even debating with you. (Moving on)

@Bathyj - You make a good point and I understand where you are coming from although I do feel that your comment is a little dramatic and over the top.

Addtionally, "In fact if you built a machine with 50 moving parts and then kept adding to it for 5 years there's alot more to go wrong"

The analogy is horific, first off machines are mechanical and as you said moving parts break due to wear and tear, however to compare a physical machine with software is just stupid. When you run a piece of software, you are ideally creating the same environment everytime especially on a console being that they are all identical.

The point I was trying to make wasn't really about the two products but the mind set of the users here on N4G. The stronger leaders in the worlds are those that can be objective even when it's not in their favor. The weakest are those that can't. Ever had a boss that just had to have things his way even though he knew it way was BS,(me too) then you understand the point I was trying to make of being able to rationalize a problem with one thing but can't do it for another simple because it's not in your favor.

That's all I was saying.

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hot4play3026d ago

Nothing major..
Polyphony still has plenty of time to fix the problem before launch.

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Fishy Fingers3026d ago

Looks like the issue was in the loading, restarted and it was fine. What ever though, it's not going to be in the finished product.

TheLastGuardian3025d ago

lol @ the guy in the video saying NFS: Hot Pursuit's graphics blowing Gran Turismo 5 away. No racing game can touch GT5.

Omega43026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

They only got a few months left, you would have thought all these kind of bugs would be fixed.

Thanks for your predictable answers.

This is slightly off topic but, I just find it amusing that you guys are so forgiving with GT5 bugs and not with Kinects which has even more time to polish than GT5 since the software can be updated at launch (since the hardware was locked ages ago and is apparently already in production).

Karooo3026d ago

it has not gone gold yet, they will polish it soon.

Fishy Fingers3026d ago

Bug testing/fixing generally is the last stage of development, so it's this sort of thing they should be ironing out now. Bare in mind, this build is probably as unpolished.

bustamove3026d ago

And here we go, example #2. You can't just help yourself, can you Omega? Games like Forza had glitches? Were they fixed? Answer that question.

Edward-Kraken3026d ago

I'd like to know a fix where Omega's lame trolling disappears. Is there any?

jack_burt0n3026d ago

Omega, I am not gonna flame but just show us a video of kinect without bugs or major glitches.

Akagi3026d ago

You do realize this is from an older build of the game, right?

iPad3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Hey Omega, how come you didn't post any comments on the "Gran Turismo 5 Real Time Damage is Phenomenal" ?

Were you butthurt?

mrv3213026d ago

Glad you mention Natal.... that is out soon and still doesn't work... what if it's the hardware, is it entirely possible for Microsoft to release early hardware with cheaper parts to save money and get out before a deadline ( you know like they did with the 360 )

'This is slightly off topic but, I just find it amusing that you guys are so forgiving with GT5 bugs and not with Kinects which has even more time to polish than GT5 since the software can be updated at launch (since the hardware was locked ages ago and is apparently already in production). '

That is quite possibly the most idiotic, un readable statement ever to be posted ( the statement is not a reflection of the user so that could not be consider 'offensive', but if I where to guess who ever posted that comment should considering reading it ) GT5 is ENTIRELY Software, they can release a day one patch easily... I am aware of the internet and it's pretty hard to fix Natals hardware with a patch.

doughboy20083026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

There is only so much you can fix with software when the hardware is lousy, but when you fix software with more software, then you can update whenever and however and as much as you want.

Like mrv321 said, bubble to you.

Motorola3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Kinect = hardware. You cant really patch hardware fully.
OT: You can just restart the damn race, its not like ur screwed to deal with it for x number of laps. it doesnt even take that long. I bet none of the Xbox fanboys here even know whats in the pause menu -__-

sak5003025d ago

lol u were under a rock for last 4 years? fw every month fix a patch which was releases to fix another patch which was for fixing another patch. sony must pay u all fanboys above a lot to keep defending any $hit sony does or it's games have. Even if they start charging 100$ for psn tom u guys will praise this action as some commandment from God. Must be fun to see u guys growing up to go and find a job in real life and thinking ur loyalty to sony will help u earn top dollar. Enjoy ur student years life's rough espcially for pimply faced nerd praying to a corp. im gonna be enjoying my new 800$ iphone 4 shortly bought by myself for myself.

Unicron3025d ago

Spending $800 on a Phone? What a waste of even disposable income man.

psycho3603025d ago


It's his money why are you bothered? ONly cause he would not buy a Ps3? How about people who dolled out $699 on a console back in 2006 with nary a game or service worth on it at that time? At least iphone comes with a pedigree and has plethora of content available.

pixelsword3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

@ Omega4

Then what's Forza's excuse? and yes, Kinect has more time, I've always said not to judge it until it comes out, but a lot of the games coming out seems to be dependent upon the premise that Kinect isn't going to get much better anytime soon. Will it? Time will tell, but for now, it's not getting better with each successive trade show.

silkrevolver3025d ago

...oh, it’s because you only have one bubble, isn’t it? Silly me!

Neko_Mega3025d ago

Because the same can be said about alot of 360 titles or even Kinect.

Hm..Oh well as least we know developers with Sony will fix any problem.

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