Call of Duty: Black Ops - No Public Dedicated servers

Treyarch has given out complete FAQs for the PC version of Black Ops. Its all good, initially that it will have all same modes and features as console version, plus the mod tools, VAC anti-cheat for PC etc. But the excitement fades away when they announce that the dedicated server files will not be public release. It will be handed over to selective multiplayer server providers just like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This has been done to keep the integrity of servers and make it more cheat proof. But that will raise same issues for many as they had with BFBC2: Laggy performance in third world countries.

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snaileri3023d ago

MP is only lagfest if you live in countries like Pakistan.
Personally I live in nordic Europe, near enough to have good latencies on Gameserver -servers, but this 'no public dedicated servers' really sucks.

karar3022d ago

yes tht is the case, same goes for many other countries. and even though we have our local game server hosts, but no one pays heed to provide them with server files to host the game, causing players to play on other servers. For us its mostly European servers, and you can well imagine they are half a world apart causing lag beyond play.