Casual Difficulty: Controller Anxiety

Just like Ezra Pound turned to the origins of the English language and Pablo Picasso turned to the basic shapes and colors of painting, game designers are returning to the fundamentals of design—and we have the casual gaming market to thank for it.

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DasBunker2940d ago

why would someone need 3 select buttons, 9 joysticks i understand but 3 select? c'mon

Quagmire2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Street Fighter 4 could really benefit from that controller...

toaster2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

It's amazing how this guy can complain about a measly 13 buttons on a gamepad when people hotkey 36 macros, use number keys 1-0, use the default movement keys, and any other various keys used to play games on PC.

I welcome complex control schemes. Not frustrating, but complex. Controls that suit a game well and require more than playing a game of CoD, jumping to the next game and knowing the exact layout of every key, button, action, and movement.

Human Analog2939d ago

... so you can make a selection from within your first selection of selections. Because with more complex controllers we will get more complex menu screens.

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TrailerParkSupervisr2939d ago

Looks like the controller my first girlfriend in junior high gave me to assist in finding her G-Spot. Some things, take a little practice.

CombatEvolving2939d ago

If you can't handle a controller go play FarmVille on Facebook.

DethRob642939d ago

Some poeple need to Quit

Psycho_Mantis2939d ago

Just looking at that controller seems like its the DS3's basterd deformed child. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.