Famitsu’s most-wanted games

Find out which games made Famitsu's most wanted list.

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Homicide2997d ago

Whoa, Sony domination. And lol @ The Last Remnant. Just let it go; it's not going to come out.

Valay2997d ago

I was going to say... I don't know that's on there every time Famitsu's publishes one of these lists.

callahan092997d ago

I was thinking the same thing. They've been voting for Last Remnant on PS3 as most want for a looooong time. It isn't gonna happen! Speaking of that game, though, I recently got it dirt cheap for Windows. I'm kind of excited to try it out, but I'm too addicted to StarCraft 2 to play it yet.

WildArmed2997d ago

oh it makes me sad that I won't be able to play great games like Dragon Quest 9 and 10 on HD consoles :(

*shakes fist at DS and Wii*
Oh how dearly I loved DQ8.. how thee has abandoned me :(

(Oh, and yes Sony did dominate the rest of the top 10, not surprising since Sony is JAPAN :D )

sinncross2996d ago

The funny thing about TLR PS3 was that it was higher ranked then Star Ocean 4 when that was originally only coming to the 360.

SE have had proof for a long time now that their supports in Japan are with the PS3 not 360 but they still continued to make poor decision after poor decision.

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ThePlaystationFour2997d ago

The Japanese loves Monster Hunter.

IrishYamato2997d ago

The Irish love your avatar. LOL

Gambit072997d ago

15) The Last Guardian



At least they added TLG.

I am suprised they didn't add the new Zelda, which is something anticipated by Japan.


Can't wait for Gran Turismo 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.