7.9 Mafia II Review Mafia II is a great open world game that focuses on story rather than mindless exploration. It’s one of the best narratives you’ll ever experience in a videogame, but it does detract from some of the mechanics of the open world genre.

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kk13872902d ago

good to see a nice open world game having a strong focus on story.

Jeannius2901d ago

Games with a good story are always more immersive :)

CatGlue2902d ago

Great game, I'm actually playing this right now, the intro is very cinematic.

tom0472901d ago

considering whether or not this game is worthy of a play. i love the concept of sandbox games, i just find myself struggling to finish the story mode on them...tis a shame haha. good review

CatGlue2901d ago

unsure if it is a sandbox game since you have to follow the storyline quite closely.

TheDarkGuyv3r2901d ago

Got my Physx card on the way :D

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