Gamepro Reviews Bioshock Gives 5/5

BioShock is one of the few games that actually deserves to be called a "sandbox game," thanks to its diverse genetic powers, weapon modifications, and moral choices. Once you beat the game once-not an easy task as it's a big game-you'll want to start right back over again so you can try out a whole new suite of skills and tactics.

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sonarus3931d ago

enough with the bioshock reviews lol. we know its a perfect game

PS360PCROCKS3931d ago

Lol sorry. I just want them all posted so we can continue to be giddy. Lol it is averaging a 9.9 after 18 reviews!

MK_Red3931d ago

Well, I never trust GamePro and usually hate their reviews ( 80% for Boogie!?) but this review shows that at least they know a perfect game unlike stupid TeamXbox (Which game BioShock 9.5! The lowest score among other reviews).

ThePantsMobile3931d ago

GamePro reviews can be nuts sometimes, but I think TeamXbox just gave it a 9.5 as to not seem biased, which is why I never trust the reviews from sites that are based on one system.

Sayai jin3931d ago

Wow, truly amazing. Bioshock is superb eye candy and innovative.

Silver3603931d ago

Remember they still make money on games with those games for windows stickers.

Double-Edged3931d ago

in this NEX-gen console war

pilotpistolpete3931d ago

Umm, Bioshock is a game, not a console

Timesplitter143931d ago

With a multiplat game? I'm a PS3 guy and I can't wait to play this game... on my PC!!!

Bnet3433931d ago

So many good bioshock reviews .... the ps3 guys must be tired of readin'

sonarus3931d ago

am a ps3 owner but am not tired of reading. I respect great games. Or maybe its jst that i am a 360 owner to. This gentlemen is why it pays to have both systems because even if you prefer one there is always 1 system on the other side you wanna play really bad

Timesplitter143931d ago

People seem to forget that this game is on PC

Frances-the-Mute3931d ago

i'm not tired, as long as it beats HALO \m/ w00t! BioShock FTW!

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The story is too old to be commented.