Where Do RPGs Go From Here?

Ever since some pen-and-paper LARPing junkies decided to take their madness to the likes of a computer--a natural next-step--the evolution of the Virtual Role-Playing Game (RPG) has been a glamorous one. The introduction of early games (Rogue, and later, NetHack) for now-obscure gaming systems were those which brought about more desire for game franchises like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy. These two early titles first inscribed the Ten Commandments of a console-based RPG.

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DA_SHREDDER3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

hopefully back to their roots. I know action games on the NES that have way better rpg elements than most rpg's out today. Battle of Olympus, Blaster Master, Goonies. LOL, just saying.

Shnazzyone3022d ago

Their roots are pen and paper rpgs. I think more freedom as your character is what missing still. They keep you strapped in extremely linear gameplay with extremely set goals and storyline.

How about take the jrpg and mix with gta replace dull drab cities with lush rop environments where you can run amok if you want. Like fable but wayyyyy more asiafied.

That's what the jrpg really needs.

Handhelds_FTW3021d ago

Also even if they are single-player games, they need to have some online component to them.

They need to evolve in to ...

MSORPG = Massive Single-Player Online Role Playing Game

mobijoker3021d ago

Rpgs should try modern time.Alpha protocol was a nice effort but we need an epic from bioware,bethesda or squaree enix.

hatchimatchi3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

JRPG's are fine just the way they are. There's a reason why the japanese government asked square to stop releasing dragon quest games on weekdays. Just because JRPG's seem out dated to YOU doesn't mean they are outdated to the fans of the genre. You don't see articles criticizing every rehash FPS game that gets released on an annual basis. Big JRPG's come out every few years. Leave the genre alone. Considering it's a niche market, it makes no sense why people are so against the genre.

The main problem with JRPG's this generation is that developers are trying to appeal to people who don't play JRPG's. All that results in is people who like JRPG's not enjoying the game and people who weren't interested, still aren't interested. Even then though, we have developers trying new things with JRPG's and what happens, they get attacked for not being enough like Mass Effect or Fallout3. The logic in that is idiotic.

I never understood why reviewers and bloggers feel the need to call out JRPG's without hesitation but then they give a free pass to every other genre.

Complete double standard and hypocrisy imo.