GameInformer October Cover Revealed: BioShock Infinite

GameInformer: "Irrational Games recently revealed BioShock Infinite, but what you already know about the game is just the beginning. Our exclusive cover story is packed with new info about Columbia, protagonist Booker DeWitt, his companion Elizabeth, and the monstrous titan that rules the sky above the city."

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TheLastGuardian2878d ago

2012 can't come soon enough.

Bobbykotickrulesz2878d ago

Agreed. This game has much more potential than Biosuck 2.

The_Count2878d ago

I see what you did thar.

Also this game has great potential. The more good games the better.

Lifendz2878d ago

Can't wait for this one. Levine back at the helm? Had me at hello. And I think Bioshock 2 gets a bum rap. Yeah it wasn't the first and yeah you being a big daddy but losing substantial health when someone hits you with a golf club makes no sense, but overall it was a solid game. If you haven't play it yet you can probably get it for less than 30 bucks. You should check it out if you're a fan.

Faztkiller2878d ago

Wish I could have been at PAX GI event to see the gameplay demo

tdrules2878d ago

Why hasn't the gameplay demo leaked yet.
Sometimes internet you let me down :c

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