Plasma Station: Halo Reach Review

This defines Halo and defines the genre as one of the best shooters around today, making everything work with the great gameplay, to the sound, voice acting, graphics, all the way to the ground breaking story. There is just so much to do with this game. You will have endless amounts of fun, details in everything in Reach. It’s a spectacular game that you don’t see very often and you will be playing it for a long, long time. It’s so close of being perfect it’s not even funny!

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you write like you've never touched the game, just watched video clips and read about it. but hey, thats my opinion

lociefer3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

lol after reading the 3rd paragraph i thought it was the coming of jesus

ChineseDemocracy3019d ago

No doubt about it, Halo: Reach is looking pretty good.

brazilianbumpincher3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

im getting reach regardless if it got a 1/10 or a 10/10, im my OWN reviewer and i trust my judgment.

Red_Orange_Juice3019d ago

yea, for the exactly same reason i'm not buying Reach

kingdavid3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Its written like a year 2 school project.

I bet hes probably reviewing the leaked version as well. Does the site even realise that there's a thing called a review embargo?

TROLL EATER3019d ago

some unknown back alley way review.

Gameplay: 10
Sound: 9.5
Story: 9.5
Graphics: 9.5

he missed longetivity? halo reach has to much content

inveni03019d ago

This is a site looking for hits. I'm not saying that it's not a good game, but I can tell from video clips that it's not a 9.5 on graphics. I'll allow a 10 on gameplay, 'cause Halo players be lov'n Halo. I'll even allow a 9.5 on story for the same reason. And I can't judge sound because all I've ever heard of Halo is trailers and such. It's hard for me to imagine a 9.5 on sound, though, if it doesn't use high dynamic range audio.

SilentNegotiator3019d ago

Isn't this still before the time that the press are allowed to release reviews?

Oh right, it's higher than an 8/10, so the mods don't care. Just like with all of the Halo: ODST reviews, where they failed the 8s and under and kept the 9s and higher.

KiLLUMiNATi_893019d ago

Any big titles will always get all the love. There are alot of games that are extremely over rated theses days.


you cant post your opinion without being treated as a fanboy. You have to takes sides because obiously you cant try to be unbiased. Reach is impressive and in my opinion a strong candidate for GOTY. That said Im bored of the franchise so enjoy it fanboys.

Ohh and:


SeanRL3018d ago

How did this get approved?

Socrates3018d ago


The graphics are definitely some of the best on console, so I don't see how 9.5 is so unreasonable.

Anyway, all previews and reviews have been extremely positive so far. It's looking like Reach will be a defining game in the Halo franchise as well as in gaming in general.

DarkTower8053018d ago

this review site is a joke. There are only 4 game reviews, and the site's forum is like a ghost town. Wait...a ghost town was once populated, this site's forum has always been empty except for the creator, so scratch that.

I do doubt the reviewer (probably a 12 year old kid) has ever played reach. Hey, more power to him if he wants to get in the game journalism business, but he has a lot to learn.

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disagree huh? '' Gameplay, well it’s a shooter but with extra gadgets and stuff!'' ''You will put hours into this game! The controls work really well it’s one of the perfect shooters! The gameplay is a lot of fun it’s more then a shooter it really is. You will be craving to play it more and more with the fun gameplay from where its single player or multiplayer you will love everything about it!''

''The sound is crisp and just perfect for every scene. It works all really well. They certainly did it with gameplay sound and just everything! This game is a one of a kind shooter. Some of you will hate it and some of you will praise it but it is the most anticipated game of the year that’s for sure.'' ''It is longer than Halo 3 guaranteed, with its 10 levels after you’ve completed it you will be wanting more.'' and it goes on and on and on. am i the only one thinking its fake or?

SeanRL3019d ago

Ya, it seems pretty fake. Also he sounds like he's already jizzed in his pants 14 times just for this game and couldn't handle it anymore.

Socrates3018d ago

No, what it sounds like is a reviewer whose native language may not be English and who was extremely impressed by Halo Reach. That's what it sounds like to me. But hey, keep up with your conspiracy theories and excuse making, it's fun to watch.

JBroken3019d ago

Edit: never mind, its the stench of butts...butts that are hurting...butts that are hurting and belong to ps3 fanboys...wish there was a shorter word for all that...oh well.
Look like the only Reach around happening is in the ps3 camp.

boodybandit3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

^A proud self proclaimed butt sniffer.

Socrates3018d ago

I bet you are, I bet you are. I think you misspelled your user name---it should be 'bootybandit'. You know, since you like sniffing butts so much and all.

Akagi3019d ago

"weebly" - are you serious? N4G approved a review from a weebly site? Wow.

Koromaro3018d ago

of course

slap halo with a high score

DigitalAnalog3019d ago

Isn't that what Bungie claimed that they did different with this game? Why is there no mention in it?

-End statement

DatNJDom813019d ago

which is usually where all halozzzz games excel. I do have to admit that it's multiplayer is one of the best in the industry. As far as the single player campaign is however, it is estremely mediocre. The story is, well, how can I explain it, its basically the movie 300 with power ranger suits. Those who have watched 300 have played halozzzzz reach.

Alvadr3018d ago

This isnt a review. Its just some fanboy gush fest.

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Poseidon3019d ago

call of duty black ops can

JBroken3019d ago

Does the wiwle baby poseidon not have any ps3 exclusive to counter Halo with?

insomnium3019d ago

GT5 can? Better? Still feel cocky?

JBroken3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

GT 5 Prologue 80 metascore 2008 4.5 million sales.
Outsold by 1 million within a year of release. . . You were saying?
Nothing the ps3 has this gen can even touch ODST

DelbertGrady3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

GT5 is a spot on the sun that is Halo Reach.

Accept it or ignore it but the PS3 doesn't have the install base of the PS2, which will become evident as soon as GT5 is released.

insomnium3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Did the IQ of some certain people just drop rapidly? GT3 wound up selling 15 million in it's lifetime and it was released when PS2 had an install base of 20-30 million. I CANNOT BELIEVE I actually need to write this information for you 2 to read. Ignoring facts left and right doesn't make them disappear. It just means you are blind.

I don't care how much GT5 sells. All I want is for the x360 fanboys to stop their bs about teh sales. They started it and hopefully GT5 will end it for once and for all. I'm sick of it. GT5 has a great chance to beat Halo Reach in sales.

Every main iteration of the GT series has sold around 10 million. GT3 has the record though and please do a google or a wiki search on these things before commenting. When was PS2 released? When was GT3 released? Did the PS2 sell over 100 million in it's first year of availability? Really?

edit: Btw did you JBroken really say "Aaaawww shame
Does the wiwle baby poseidon not have any ps3 exclusive to counter Halo with? "? It was you wasn't it? Are you....... gloating about exclusives......on x360...? O....kay...I guess...

edit 2:Consider this JBroken. Really think about it. Do you really think that in light of everything we know about GT's and Halo's salesfigures GT5 cannot even touch Halo ODST? Be honest now.

cereal_killa3019d ago

insomnium leave them alone "SALES" is the last thing the Muppet's have left half these kids are still wetting the bed at night they know nothing but this generation of games.

Perkel3018d ago

@ Jbroken

gt5p it's 5 mln now.
Also HAlo ODST didn't sell 5,5 mln dude.

stupid fanboy

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lociefer3019d ago

no ^Reach^ around jokes ?

DatNJDom813019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

GT: 10,500,000
GT2: 9,370,000
GT3 A-Spec: 14,890,000
GT Concept Series: 1,560,000
GT 4 Prolouge: 1,350,000
GT4 :10,890,000
GT5 Prolouge: 4,650,000
GT5 PSP: 1,800,000

Grand Total: 55,450,000

These are from February of this year....... There must have been more sold as well....... And thats not even this gen....... So, you were saying?

Socrates3018d ago

GT5 Prologue sold less than Halo 3 ODST.

The older Gran Turismo games sold at a time when there wasn't as much competition in the market for racing sims. Now there is Forza, which has received critical acclaim and respectable sales.

The other thing is, while it's true that GT3 'released' when the PS2 had a smaller install base it didn't get all of those 15 million sales overnight. It took a long time for it to achieve those sales. In other words, the install base might have been relatively small when it released, but the reason it eventually was able to achieve those high sales numbers is because the PS2 install base continued to grow at an astronomical rate.

As you see, there are various reasons why it is unlikely that GT5 will achieve the kind of sales as GT3.

vhero3018d ago

Yawn just another Halo game people get too excited about for reasons they actually slate other games like the graphics. Compare the graphics to COD title for instance and it gets blown away (looking at vids) yet it will get 10/10 for graphics. Nothing against the game its the review community for being paid off by games companys for giving there games such high reviews SMG2 was the same got 10/10 for graphics everywhere yet compared to games like Banjo Kazooie and Ratchet & Clank it looks like a 10 year old game.
Review mean nothing when it comes to big name titles these days I feel for SE though as they seem to be the only ones not willing to bribe anybody lol.

Like I said it won't be a bad game though and it will sell millions because of the "Halo" name. It's just you got an Xbox you feel you need Halo it's a weird feeling. I know when I went through all my Xbox's I had to have Halo myself even though I didn't like it personally. It's just one of those things MS pushes and convinces you, you need if you got a 360 its almost as important as a control pad.

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Hacking3019d ago

Nothing to see here just a GOTY 2010 winner thats all just move along and watch out for those sony crying fan boys on the floor.

Poseidon3019d ago

how do you know it will win goty? lets wait until you judge already

KiRBY30003019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

maybe gametrailers will? they gave it to Overated Warfare 2 last year.

I'd rather see a game that is not popular win GOTY, that would help the title get more love. why hype something that obviously doesnt need it?

also, from the review "The graphics are outstanding for being a Halo game!" weird statement. and 9,5 for story? with all due respect, i dont think Reach is going to be the new Bioshock. people praise it for its fun multiplayer, not for the solo/story.

insomnium3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Do they really say "The graphics are outstanding for being a Halo game!" and give it a high score? How about comparing the game against all the other fps-games out there hmmm? If you say it like that it doesn't really tell me anything. Should Halo be the only game in existence to be compared only agains previous iterations of the same series? How about talking and judging the graphics against every other fps?

This is like me saying "I'm the strongest my house" now allya praise me for being teh strongest man. Anyone...? Please...? *crickets*

darkcharizard3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2
2. Mass Effect 2
3. Halo: Reach
4. Red Dead Redemption

Thrillhouse3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Hacking, you can only say that about PS3 exclusives on this site.

On topic: This review isn't written well at all.

awesomeperson3019d ago

Actually Thrillhouse, the majority of Reach reviews ATm are been populated by 360 fans if you see the agree VS disagree counts.

Thrillhouse3019d ago

At the time of that comment, Hacking had had about 5 disagrees vs 1 agree. :P

I'm surprised it's swung the other way, because normally it's not the case.

SexyPrawns3019d ago

Whether you like it or not, Little Big Planet 2 is winning GOTY.


Its either Going To be Little Big Planet Or GoD Of WaR... Halo COD And Gt5 wont win because they never select The popular games that everyone plays...

KiRBY30003019d ago

calling LBP a 'kids game' to defend halo. oh the irony.

DasTier3019d ago

@KiRBY3000, just because a large number of uncaring parents let their children play 16+ games doesnt make those games, aimed at children. However, when a game has a 3+ rating.....

jrbeerman113018d ago

I actually think little big planet 1 and whats happening in 2 is great, and I love the innovation and the inclusion of community to make the game last for as long as you want it to.

I however do not think it will get game of the year, Mass Effect 2 is just that fantastic of an experience It will be real hard to unseat that game as the king of 2010 despite its newness wearing off. Though it does have fantastic DLC.

Almost all reviewers were right with Uncharted 2 last year, I expect they will be right this time.

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OneSneakyMofo3019d ago

Hacking, you missed the GT5 page >>>>

SuperbVillain3019d ago

Your comment makes you sound like a fan boy.Stating it a GOTY winner,no problem,your confident in the game,hell so am I,and I'm a PS3 person.But what does the game being GOTY have to do with PS players? nothing at all.Grow up.

Denethor_II3019d ago

Sony fanboys are very wealthy when it comes to 'actual' GOTY awards.

vhero3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

GOTY? I think I just spat out my coffee.. you really need to take your fanboy comments and leave my friend we have no place for you here on N4G. I don't say it won't be a contender but there are so many better games out there/coming out. Even though they probably won't sell as well but sales doesn't equal quality.

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SeanRL3019d ago

To bad the review is fake.

Spydiggity3019d ago

guess you're forgetting about the better community, faster service, and better features. go troll elsewhere. perhaps some sony fanboy garbage site?

SexyPrawns3019d ago

Better community? Faster service?


Not at all.

squelchy153019d ago

no faster service?

how are those 15 minute updates?

Spydiggity3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

no kidding. i had to update my ps3 the other night and it took over 20 minutes including the restart. 360, on the other hand, takes less than a minute usually AND it's nowhere near as frequent.

don't get me wrong, i like the ps3 a lot...but psn SUCKS

jrbeerman113018d ago

Still cheaper than WOW i guess

GuruStarr783019d ago

The spelling and Grammar in this look like that of a 2nd grader. The use of "there" for "They're" and "Their" is a red light for "FAKE".