Gran Turismo 5: Everything We Know

In the world of racing simulators, no series is a highly revered or beloved as the Gran Turismo franchise. Polyphony Digital has proven itself again and again to be the master of the genre, blending fantastic driving models with phenomenal presentation that almost allows you to feel the gas pedal. The studio's love of driving is apparent in every release, and it looks like its next effort will be no different.

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sonarus3631d ago

everyones entitled to their own opinion. but i honestly believe GT is the best racing sim ever created

reaferfore203631d ago

Crash damage? I seem to remember reading something about it a while ago. Anyone heard anything about this?

sonarus3631d ago

i heard they would have it. Then i heard they wouldnt cus of lisencing issues, then i heard they would have it but it would be limited to certain cars. Damage modelling would definetly be a welcome addition and would simply make the series greater. But with or without i still believe it is the best racing sim ever

InMyOpinion3631d ago

I like ran Turismo too, but I also think that to cal your game a next gen racing game you need damage models. If Dirt, NFS and Forza can have them, why can't Gran Turismo?

Shadow Flare3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

The reason car damage hasn't been implemented in the past is because when Kaz Yamauchi includes a feature in a game, he wants to include it as realistically as possible. Past consoles haven't been able to portray crash damage realistically enough so it wasn't included in past Gran Turismo's

The reason why it hasn't been included in GT5 is because if Kaz included car damage, the entire game engine would have to be rewritten and Kaz likes to do things perfectly. Each car in GT5 takes 180 days to build, it'd be even longer if there were damage

Point in case, GT5 is just to get a clean foothold onto ps3 hardware and do what gran turismo does best. Including damage into the first ps3 title could ruin the whole game as it could lead to HEAVY delays and Kaz would have to be learning both PS3 HARDWARE and the new CAR DAMAGE PHYSICS GAME ENGINE.

So take 1 thing first and learn the PS3 hardware

Then when the cars are all there, i believe Kaz will take the next step and rewrite the game engine to portray car damage as realistic as he wishes

Kaz always wanted to include car damage but it takes alot of time and no consoles were powerful enough to do it realistically enough. However the PS3 is PERFECT for it with the cell processor so im certain Kaz will create a Gran Turismo with car damage. Just not GT5 :(

ps. I know aparantly car companies said they don't want their cars smashed up, but i believe this isn't a big issue. More of an excuse to keep gamers happy really. Just like he said he may include damage as a downloadable feature for GT5, to keep gamers happy

pps. Gran Turismo Rocks

ALIEN3631d ago

GT is the best racing game ever. They better have Crash damage on GT5.

Zhuk3631d ago

I don't think GT is the best racing sim ever, but it is definitely one of the best console racing games ever.

Genki3631d ago

Park any one of your cars in a virtual garage? That's awesome. Makes me wonder what other sort of doo-dads we'll get from games.

I want Kratos Athena Blades on my wall come GoW 3.

peksi3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

What if you could access the GT5 online race tracks from Home? Literally walk in as a spectator and watch the race. There could also be big online competitions and even racing seasons with regular practises, warmups and competitions. Just as in real life.

Then I woke up... damn.

edit: 1080p @ 60fps? Those guys can do their coding.

Shadow Flare3630d ago

yeah taht ran through my mind before aswell, its a great idea

I was thinking you could do that with ALOT of games too. If Home was integrated into games like Tekken or like any sports or racing games you could watch everything as a spectator

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