COD: Black Ops - PC gets even more features

Black Ops developer Josh Olin (JD_2020) shows us the differences between the PC and consoles version of the game on the game's FAQ.

Dedicated Servers
Mod Tools
Steam Exclusive
No “Public Server Files” Exclusive
and more

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2872d ago
xTruthx2872d ago

Dedicated servers ? Didn't they say every console would get them ?

ColdFire2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

This sounds like good news for PC, but I'm still not sure I will get the game :-/

I'm surprised they forgot to mention higher graphics settings, Full HD, and AA and such...

MW2 on PC blows the console versions out of the water.

Conloles2871d ago

Ahahahha the words console and dedicated should never and will rarely ever be associated, keep dreaming though.

Bigbangbing2871d ago


"MW2 on PC blows the console versions out of the water"

yeah, but it wasn't optimized enough at all, neither WaW, and I guess this one won't be any different, bad porting with their engine sucks donkey balls.

ColdFire2871d ago

Really, seemed fine for everyone I know. I think most of my friends have above average PC's now however :-)

despair2871d ago


The PC version of MW2 worked on pretty much any PC that could play MW1, the tech was very similar and the graphical improvement not that much.

Letros2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Not optimized?

A $200 GPU putting up over 100 fps at DOUBLE the resolution of the consoles version, what are you smoking?

NarooN2871d ago

@Conloles Your trolling gets worse and worse. Just terrible. Consoles had dedicated servers back in the friggin' PS2 and Xbox days. Hell, the Tribes: Aerial Assault game is still up to this day. Killzone 2, MAG, Resistance, Metal Gear Online, etc. have dedicated servers. I'd just quit if I were you. You suck balls as a troll. I feel bad for even giving you attention.

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R2D22871d ago

Its funny because its true.

mittwaffen2871d ago

Hopefully the PS3 fanboys dont see that second image below the master race.

NarooN2870d ago

Or I can just use my PS2/PS3 to play games that don't bore me after two seconds and just use my tricked out PC for multi-media. Actually, my PS3 is also great for media. My PC is good for some things, I guess. Still, I use my consoles for gaming and my PC for everything else, although emulators on PC are a win and a handful of PC titles are great.

tl;dr fanboys of any type are idiots.

mrv3212871d ago

How much % of gameserver revenue will go to Activision? Is it really that hard to allow users to have their own dedicated servers.

khamvongsa092871d ago

Wow, they are going to have gungame for COD:BO? I'm really surprised with this.. I remember a couple years back I use to play these big gungame matches as a mod in some Counter Strike:Source servers.. All they need is a zombie escape mode like Counter Strike:Source and I'm sold first day :D

Note: Yes, I do know these are mods from the community..

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The story is too old to be commented.