GameStooge: Guild Wars 2 Preview

Jordan Lund checks out Guild Wars 2 at PAX Prime and sends back his findings.

Excerpt: "The thing that differentiates this game from the first is the adventure is event driven rather than quest driven. Oh, yeah, there are still the “meet the guy and collect 5 of these” quests – which make me scream – but there are quests attached to locations. Let’s say you’re helping a farmer out. You may find that his farm comes under attack by bandits. This is totally independent of whatever you were helping him with originally.

These quests are not only tied to your location, but also your character’s back story. When you create your character, you will have the option of filling in detail similar to the way you fill out your character in the Mass Effect games. The difference is these choices won’t just affect dialog trees and plot, it will actually change which quests are available to you. This deeply increases the replay value."

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