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I _hate_ Steam!

Hooked Gamers' CaptainPatch: "I hate Steam. No, make that "I _HATE_ Steam!" Dealing with Steam has never been easy for me. It seems that EVERY time I am required to interact with Steam, something goes awry.

Today I broke down and acquired Mafia II. Got home, opened it up and saw that authentication via Steam is required. [Queue the ominous music.] So I start the install process and instead of installing the game and then going to Steam, you are _first_ required to open a Steam account. Okay, I can deal with that. Create the account, copy the account info to MyDocuments, and receive the happy message that I am now the proud owner of a new Steam account. Then I continue with installing the game. Finally, it's all done and ready to go!

Or is it?"

[read the rest after the jump] (Mafia 2, PC, Steam Valve)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1860d ago
well.....i love steam so f*ck you....
comp_ali  +   1860d ago
He looks like a noob. I wonder what would he do If it was GFWL instead of Steam.
ColdFire  +   1860d ago
Steam is the best platform in gaming by far, so many well implemented features!
vulcanproject  +   1860d ago
N00b. Definitely. Who plays games on PC and doesnt already have a steam account? Why didnt he have the client already installed? Why wouldnt he use the account he must have made from those other games he has claimed to have played on steam?
Blacktric  +   1860d ago
"Over the last couple years, I've had run-ins with a half-dozen games that require interaction with Steam. EVERY one of those did NOT go smoothly. I must be "special" or something; maybe I should change my name to "Ed"?"

He is obviously a noob. No. Make that a retard. There, I said it. Even the most noobish guy can completely handle a game activation/install/download on Steam let alone f*ck up more than half dozen. This is either pure flamebait or the guy asked for a copy of Episode 3 and since he didn't get one, he started trashing Steam for no reason.
Conloles  +   1860d ago
Lol what kind of PC gamer doesn't have Steam installed before hand? Clearly a noob looking to complain
ThanatosDMC  +   1860d ago
Computer inept. He should just buy his games on disks if he's gonna b!tch blog about his problems to show how much of a dumb@$$ he is online.
ph33rgear  +   1859d ago
Seriously hahaha what a f*cking jackass! claims he has had dozens of problems with steam games but yet, had to open an account to play mafia II ...

this author is a total douchebag!

If he can't work a god damn steam account he should switch to a console... but then he'd prob have a hard time inserting the f*cking disc.
Substance101  +   1860d ago
Over 90 games bought on steam. I dont see a problem.
Akagi  +   1860d ago
Bet this guy is STILL annoyed that Steam had to be installed in order to play Half Life 2.
KingKiff  +   1860d ago
Ha this author is a looser
Lots of people love Steam.

The games, prices, variety, support and back up features are second to none.

Logging on is not a problem for most people, seeing what Steam offers.

I mean how goes on a PC and does not go online???
RankFTW  +   1860d ago
The guy just seems to be a noob and we all know their is no helping them.
JsonHenry  +   1860d ago
He probably has trouble brushing his teeth and putting the toilet seat lid back down too if he can't figure out something that is fully automated like STEAM..

I've had STEAM since the pre-loading of Half Life 2. I now own 62 games on STEAM. I have never once had a problem.
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pixelsword  +   1860d ago
I don't think anyone expressed their hated steam until the Sony announcement... and when it comes closer to the time that Sony/Steam products are available, I am almost willing to say that the hate will grow.
EL1TE  +   1860d ago
"I don't think anyone expressed their hated steam until the Sony announcement... and when it comes closer to the time that Sony/Steam products are available, I am almost willing to say that the hate will grow. "
Are you bind or just trying to get attention?

I mean, he said more than once the he hates Steam. Are you ok?
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bobcostus  +   1860d ago
The author of this article is literally pants-on-head retarded. Don't even click it and give his site hits. He is just an absolute f*%#ing moron.
Dekonega  +   1860d ago
This guy is troll or just beginner. Steam is simple, efficient and cheap.
BattleAxe  +   1859d ago
If you're having a problem with Steam, then you must be stupid. You probably also have problems operating a PS3.
Motorola  +   1860d ago
Ive always had a problem with one or 2 demos but good software nevertheless. And yes tht is a word i looked it up ;D
gamejediben  +   1860d ago
Buying box copy in store that requires Steam activation = fail
Buying game through Steam = win

If you are dumb enough to buy a box copy that requires a steam activation, you deserve the frustration you are getting.
jozzah  +   1860d ago
Why should he deserve that frustration? What is the point of having the boxed copies for people who cannot things download massive things just for them to have so much trouble.
TABSF  +   1860d ago
What If a want a disc version with Steamworks

For example steam games are cheap but sometimes the publishers don't allow the prices to come down
Assassin's Creed 2 is £29.99 on Steam because Ubisoft will not reduce the price yet and I got it for £9.99

OK Assassin's Creed 2 is not Steamworks but its still a good example, Steam do have great prices but its entirely up the the publisher to set the pricing
ColdFire  +   1860d ago
I like buying game that need Steam activation, best of both worlds, I get the box, and the ease of DVD install, and the features and ease of using Steam!
Letros  +   1860d ago
What a joke, read what he wrote...

"Dealing with Steam has never been easy for me. It seems that EVERY time I am required to interact with Steam, something goes awry.

Today I broke down and acquired Mafia II. Got home, opened it up and saw that authentication via Steam is required. [Queue the ominous music.] So I start the install process and instead of installing the game and then going to Steam, you are _first_ required to open a Steam account. Okay, I can deal with that. Create the account"

So he has problems with Steam, but is just NOW creating an account, the whole article is probably one big lie to hate on Steam.
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lolzers  +   1860d ago
He wanted something to write about, couldn't come up with anything, so decided to make up some bullshit and get a few hits.

Happens all the time. N4G thrives on these people coming out with this kind of crap.
pr0digyZA  +   1860d ago
lol agree how can it never be easy for him when he says he was asked to create an account :D that would mean he should have had one already from his past times he's used it, that would make his life much easier.
EL1TE  +   1860d ago
Next time read the warning in the Back of the box. Obvious troll is obvious.
Pandamobile  +   1860d ago
Lol, this guy sounds like that retarded Mac dude.
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Apotheosize  +   1860d ago
Damn I just posted that haha
mrv321  +   1860d ago
That guy is quite frankly stupid.

Firstly, he wants smaller download but he doesn't want a web based stream....
Secondly, he considers clicking a different button a hack
Thirdly, he hates downloading updates after a program... software updates are probably not as simple as copy and paste a couple of KB... it's diffucult, most developers do nightly builds do you expect them to double their servers just so you don't have to let something run in the backround... it sounds like you should get a linux distro with rolling release... no more updating after a download.
Fourth, he has an old computer it's not the program fault... I don't complain I can't run Crysis.
STONEY4  +   1860d ago

It says unsupported video card and he still doesn't seem to care and still blames it on Steam.
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Letros  +   1860d ago
I believe that is Steve Jobs' son.
BlackBusterCritic  +   1860d ago
This guy is an idiot
Steam is as simple as it gets. If STEAM is complex, then he must be able to run a INTERNET BROWSER.
Apotheosize  +   1860d ago
Haha sounds like this guy http://www.youtube.com/watc...
kasasensei  +   1860d ago
This article is lame... The guy is in a nerd-rage because he is not enough intelligent to know how to use a pc.... What an idiot....
MiloGarret  +   1860d ago
Anon7349  +   1860d ago
This guy is a complete moron. He can hate steam all he wants, but he just has to remember steam is not the one at fault here and any frustration he may be having is just a product of his ignorance.
WeaseL  +   1860d ago
"It seems that EVERY time I am required to interact with Steam, something goes awry"

How can that be possible!!

"you are _first_ required to open a Steam account. Okay, I can deal with that. Create the account, copy the account info to MyDocuments, and receive the happy message that I am now the proud owner of a new Steam account"

So he's not got an account already???
So how has he Interacted with Steam before.
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JasonXE  +   1860d ago
i was about to reply about the same thing.

StitchJones  +   1860d ago
I've had zero issues with Steam over the years. This guy sounds like he's offline dependent.
lonix  +   1860d ago
And that's why
People with no computer knowledge should stick to gaming on a console
joypads  +   1860d ago
have you seen how much STEAM charges for new games compared to retail copies bought from a high street or online shops ? STEAM is clearly a rip off company,their ultra high prices dont even go down anytime soon (maybe in few years time) unlike retail copies which few weeks or maybe few months after their release they can be had for almost half their orig cost .i'm not against STEAM as service i think its very important to the survival of PC gaming but to buy games STEAM IS TOO EXPENSIVE,STEAM IS RIP OFF.

i will never buy a PC game of STEAM knowingly i could buy it for much less elsewhere or can wait few weeks & buy it for half what STEAM wants for it.

this is why Ps3 (console) will always be the best Platform for Gaming.(as long as they dont go with this digital distribution rip off crap).
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ColdFire  +   1860d ago
New games on Steam... maybe, maybe.

But I have yet to meet a service that can provide such unbelievably good sales and game packs!

Seriously, the Steam sales and game packs make Steam the best value thing in gaming. £50 for EVERY VALVe GAME EVER! GREAT SALES EACH WEEKEND AND MIDWEEK!

Plus can buy Steampowered games cheap on-line/in shops, then activate on Steam :-D
Letros  +   1860d ago
Steam is a store that publishers set prices for, if that is too hard for you to understand let me rephrase, Valve has no say in how much to charge for a publishers product. Capiche?
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comp_ali  +   1860d ago
what about promotions steam make every week and christmath and summer sales. Are they available on retail too?
Triggs  +   1860d ago
It's called shopping around
Prices for all games can stick to its original amount during release depending on demand. If the game proves to be valuable, the longer it takes to get discounted. COD4 (boxed) still sells around 40 bucks after 3 years at Best Buy, but Mass Effect 2 is only 30 dollars after a year. In Steam COD4 is $30 for download as of this moment.

It's not hard to imagine to buy a game in Steam if it's on sale for 50%-75% the price on retail or vice versa. So shop around before forking over your money (or credit card if you want to go poorer).

That said, this old dog which is me still likes getting boxed copies over digital. I don't like waiting for downloads to finish even though going over to the store to buy a game is more expensive (gotta pay for the gas, too, you know).

The last Summer Sale was outrageous. I bought quite a few games that I missed playing on dirt cheap prices (X-COM, Freedom Force, etc.). I'm on the lookout for more sales.

Gabe Newell seems to have the Midas touch.
TABSF  +   1860d ago
Steam for me is the perfect system.

Gabe, Valve and Steam have made all the right moves and if anything it can only get better

Like I have said before Steams main revenue is its community because at the end of the day if Valve did not have 25 Million users on its service it would be dead
earbus  +   1860d ago
I just love the mods i have had heaches with steam but mainly due to bugs in my pc just got fresh os and terrabyte drive i buy retail cause its like getting an old record for me, 8 gig update for tf2 must have loads of new gear but wow thats a big update, one thing they could fix is make it easier to delete some files a steam clean lol.
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Thecraft1989  +   1860d ago
I have collection of about 120 games on steam so I love it its the best DD service ever.
Drjft  +   1860d ago
Harelgur  +   1860d ago
ur stupid
Steam rules.
You suck.
hellboy1880  +   1860d ago
You're an idiot and a troll
The title says it all. Steam is the BEST online distribution service on the market today and will continue to be for some time to come.

Would you prefer some invasive DRM spy/crapware installed on your PC??? (Securom comes to mind)

IMHO you are not a real PC gamer if you DON'T have Steam.

Two words for you buddy - STEAM DEALS!

xTHRASHx  +   1860d ago
Lmao, actually its not troll
I know CP and he is the most un-troll writer in the world. I know him enough to know that when he writes, it is important and a well written and scavenged article.

This particular piece is more or less a blog so he is personally complaining about a personal issue he himself had with Steam.

I assure you, knowing CP, this is not some HIT-counter crap. He does not write such things
xTHRASHx  +   1860d ago
I have heard many a complaint about Steam. I myself have never had an issue with it. But one that stands out in my mind is a friend that bought Jade Empire off Steam. (J.E. has been incredibly buggy since it released. There was never a patch) After it failed on him he contacted for a refund. Never got it.
wwm0nkey  +   1860d ago
STEAM is one of the best platforms for gaming, the writer did not know what he was talking about at all, my mom even knew how to use steam, its UI is so easy to understand.
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Letros  +   1860d ago
Read what you just said and think about it, Jade Empire an unpatched game had tons of bugs, how is that Steams fault? Would you expect a refund from any other store for a buggy game? Fat chance.
zchjack   1860d ago | Spam
KillerPwned  +   1860d ago
Someone actually hates steam?!
JoelR  +   1860d ago
I hate steam as well...
but for a vastly different reason

the fact that they take away control of my game from me... why should I have to be on an authentication server to play a game? I like hardcopy and I don't see the need to be forced to hook up to another service to play I game I have.
Letros  +   1860d ago
There is an offline mode, I happen to have my laptop in offline mode, while my rig stays online, and the majority of games(I'd estimate 95%+) require an online activation today, so there is no difference.
JoelR  +   1859d ago
and yet it's there still...
give me discs and give me freedom from nanny and I am happy :)
AKS  +   1860d ago
Incompetence. I wonder how this guy will follow up this story...maybe an article about how he hates his computer because the foot pedal doesn't work right, which will turn out to be the mouse?
Bolts  +   1860d ago
People who hate Steam = Idiots
Only idiots and Mac users hate Steam because they're dumb and they use Macs.
never_waste_a_bullet  +   1860d ago
steam is sweet except..
i bought cod 4 and multiplayer keeps getting errors, Ive reinstalled the game 10x and Ive tried every fix... i should of bought the boxed game...

no problems with any other game however
NiteX  +   1860d ago
Steam is awesome, except the times the servers go down. Which seems to be happening a lot recently.
TABSF  +   1860d ago
Game, Store, Forum and News servers rarely go down

Community and Friends list go inactive but this usually lasts for about 1 minute
yamzilla  +   1860d ago
makes xboxlive and psn look like pure poo, i can even add non-steam games to my launcher so i can keep in contact wih my steam friends, that would be like xbox monitoring your ps3 freinds for you and letting you chat with someone playing god of war 3 while you play gears of war 2....

Not to mention, i have saved literally THOUSANDS of dollars buying steam deals, honestly. 90% of the time I buy anything from them it is when there are big huge sales of some type. This summers sale was sweet!!!!

And if you are too stupid to figure out steam, you are going to have a fuckton of problems as a pc gamer in general.

Think of it this way, consoles are like junior high, your teachers (microsoft and sony) hold your hand the whole time and wipe the poo poo from your booty and help you every step of the way,

The pc is like grad school, your teachers, (various manufacturs from all over the wold, i.e. nvidia, kingston, seagate, intel, ati, ect.) DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK if you assemble a bunch of shit like a moron and fry your mobo, they don't give 2 squirts of piss if steam is hard for you, all they care about is their small individual piece of the puzzle and if you voided the warrany or not.

This guy sounds like a poser!
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TABSF  +   1860d ago
Well I would not go to that extreme

For sure console users have Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony hand up their asses and they accept anything even if its total garbage as good, even Apple can be put with them

With PC you have a 100% open platform where the consumer has its say, and if Steam turns to shit we will skip to the next but I doubt that will happen
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