In Theory, DualShock 3 can be used as a PSjailBreak

Tthe PS3 controller is considered as a possible setup but unconfirmed PSGroove. SIXAXIS control features EEPROM that allows its programming.

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B-Real2063021d ago

This will stay in theory, just like in theory the psp can be used. Still at square 1 Theory

DasBunker3021d ago

whats next? use the super famicom to jailbrake the ps3?

Oner3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Actually I remember this "theory" being mentioned a while back because of something like the chip in the controller is the same/similar as the one in the PSP Battery. I have to do some searching to find it, hopefully someone else has a better memory and a link to what I am talking about.

Edit: Found it ~

This was also posted on N4G at that same time ~

They point to 2 different chips but speak of the same EEPROM

WildArmed3021d ago

in theory, i can put my finger in the usb stick and jail break it o_O

note: intensive finger modification may be required.

Cevapi883021d ago

First we disable USB support, UP NEXT we have decided to take it one step further, disable the DS3....leaders and innovators

I Wonder Whats Next?! STAY TUNED!!!

Nitrowolf23021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

THE POWER CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!
seriously why work on a DS3 version?
i mean if you wanted to really do this, why would you ruin a good controller?
Hackers wow,
hopefully Sony gets a fix and ban any one of them who goes online

ChronoJoe3021d ago

If they do this to a DS3 it's no longer a DS3, it's another USB device.

JBroken3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Somebody mentioned an x360 controller, lol, that would be too cruel. How bout a Zune?
It only gets hacked by everything.

TROLL EATER3021d ago

people are working on ps3 jailbreak via, PSP and android apps.

branchedout3021d ago

They're working on a TI-84 port, actually.

Theonik3021d ago

The TI-84 is just epic that way :P

Motorola3021d ago

Its a baby troll, steal his bubbles so he gets banned. This is super annoying.

big_silky3021d ago

Has there ever been a console that's been as cracked wide open as the ps3? I'm asking seriously because I don't know.

The funny thing is that had Sony left linux alone, people would probably still be plugging away at it unsuccessfully instead of looking for alternatives like this.

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Karooo3021d ago

its an exploit. retail to debug.

JBroken3021d ago

Who wants to play pirated games on an exploited console...amarite?

kaos_fish II3021d ago

The Wii, DS & PSP - thoroughly hacked apart.

If you were so inclined, you'd never ever have to buy a game at retail every again for any of these consoles due to the fact that they're hacked.

Pity too, as each of those consoles have some damn fine games on them worth paying for..

jmare3021d ago

How has the PS3 been cracked wide open? As far as I know, the only thing that has happened is a USB device running dubious code tricked the PS3 into thinking it's a debug unit. After that the code was extracted with claims of putting it to other USB devices. One would still assume the process is the same no matter if it is the official PSJailbreak or an imitator. All of which could be easily defeated by a firmware update that alters the USB settings on startup. So, once again, how is the PS3 cracked wide open?


Is hacked via Software.

PS3 still unchackeable via Hardware.

Whatever1234563021d ago

thats it, thats all im going to say... o.O'

jony_dols3021d ago

Has no one heard of jtag xboxs? they can run all sorts of piracy niceties. Everything from snes emulators to my personal favourite Games on Demand iso convertor.
The PS3 is still the most unhackable console of the previous 2 gens. Fact. And we still havent seen Sonys response, which will probs render the hack void.

Thrillhouse3021d ago

Original xbox had awesome homebrew. Emulators on it were awesome.

badz1493020d ago

cracked wide open as the PS3?? WTF? are you on crack?

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MGRogue20173021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

... I'm going to assume that Sony isn't liking this.. Not one bit.

They will have to act fast if they want to keep their system hack-free..

Edit: Ah, I have a disagree.. So I guess that Sony is liking this happening to their system, then? No.

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