Top 10 Most-Anticipated Games of September

September marks the beginning of an onslaught of big new blockbuster releases. Here are the top ten games to look forward to this month.

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Anton Chigurh2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

1.Halo Reach
2.Dead Rising 2

DirtyLary2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

1.REACH xbox
2.Black Ops xbox
3. EA MMA xbox
4: GTA 5 ps3
Next year.

1. Socom 4 ps3
2. Killzone 3 ps3
3. Twisted Metal ps3
4. MK 9 xbox

EliteAssass1n2993d ago

Fallout: New Vegas is my only purchase.

mjolliffe2994d ago

Brilliant list, and a pretty awesome year for game releases. 2011 will just be outstanding though :)

RedDead2994d ago

The next few months are going to be amazing but wallet is going to take a massive hit. Oh well.

These four are my gams that i'm def gettiing,
Halo reach
Naruto uns 2 (ps3)

Then there's the list of games that have to wait till after I have these

eggbert2994d ago

Luckily I have had a job since summer, and since i'm commuting to college and have college paid off for the year I've got about $600 to spend on video games so far.

I'm probably not going to use all $600 on vidya games though.... maybe $300 at most :D

Optical_Matrix2994d ago

In September, the only game that matters to me is Pokemon White version. Pokemon White Version >>>>> All of Septembers releases. (I want VC2 and KH:BBS but...those will have to wait due to funds XD)

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The story is too old to be commented.