First BIT.TRIP FATE Gameplay Trailer Shows off "2-D Rail Shooting" Madness

We finally get to see the gameplay of BIT.TRIP FATE, and it's actually an on-rail shooter, with real visible rails that you ride around with the joystick while you point and shoot with the Wii remote or Wii Zapper. There are also some new screenshots, a dedicated website for the game, and the soundtrack is for sale before the game.

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Duke_Silver2993d ago

I love these games, although I have yet to pick up runner

Rubang2993d ago

If I have 3 friends over, BEAT is probably one of our favorite 4 player co-op games, and we can get anybody to join in. They look at it and see how crazy hard it is and get scared, and then we say "all you do is rotate a stick in the air, it'll be okay," and that always convinces them to join in.

But if I'm playing solo, nothing beats RUNNER. So far anyway.

8-bit2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

When I read On-Rail Shooter I thought it might be a kinect game..

2993d ago
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