New Video From Pax Showing Lots of New Gameplay

SeoulFoodNinja have a video on youtube showing off gameplay from Donkey Kong Country Returns, Goldeneye, Gran Turismo 5, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

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FishCake9T42995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 and Marvel vs Capcom 3
Both Day 1
The Fanboys are not going to be happy after he said that the graphics from NFS "blow Gran Turismo's away".

Hanif-8762995d ago

That dude was probably on crack at the time when he was filming this...NFS graphics blows GT5 away graphically, he seriously needs to get his eyes checked!

kevco332995d ago

Donkey Kong Country Returns is my top pick from this lot, strange as that is.


well then call me strange too because that game looks like FUN!!