Gran Turismo 5 Real-Time Damage is Phenomenal

Its not scripted that’s right its real time, Asane from Gametrailers and GTplanet took a few pics at a Best Buy store, which looks like a latest build of GT5.

You wont see the same damage each time you damage the car, thats the beauty of real time damage.

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Karooo2995d ago

The real driving simulator is here. Thats just brilliant.

SasanovaS19872995d ago

didnt forza 3 have like...u hut the car from the front, and the whole car changes, with scratches magicly appearing on the roof and sides...i could have sworn i seen it in first driver game, but whatever...

either way, GT5 is pro status gaming at its finest

Cevapi882995d ago

its looking really good....and there is no need to bring up forza 3....competition is always a good thing...

2995d ago
Cevapi882995d ago

but xbox fanboys havent shown up in this thread, so there is no need to bring up the game....the game will speak for itself when Nov. 2nd comes....that will shut all the haters up, there is no need to fight the game's battles, you and I both know GT5 will be there is no need to mention Forza 3

2995d ago
Why o why2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Bentley drivers dont bicker with or bitch about fiat/ford/mazda... owners. GT5 will speak for itself on many fronts. Lets leave it at that.........for now anyway;)


Yeah, they're so full of sh!t its a joke. Why do these guys feel they need to bash just to compete...immaturity i say. 'Definitive' my ass. At least see what you're up against before you run your gums. Im sure them fools are in every GT5 thread gassin. They've been caught before so if you're reading this T10 [email protected]

FishCake9T42995d ago

In the words of David after he visited the dentist.
"Is this real life?"

sikbeta2995d ago

If this is Real, hell, it's too damn Epic...

Gran Turismo 5: The Definitive Driving Simulator

Shadow Flare2995d ago

There's no need to bring up forza 3 because it's not competition. Not anymore.

When a car is so smashed up that you can't even tell what car it is, then you know the damage is good. Well done polyphony

pain777pas2994d ago


"GT5 is pro status gaming at its finest"

Well said!

beardpapa2994d ago

just gonna say... that's what a developer should do when they're making a game from one version to the next instead of rebranding it as new and really giving us version #.5

ExplosionSauce2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

But this update is DEFINITELY a HUGE improvement over previous versions.

"You wont see the same damage each time you hit the car, thats the beauty of real time damage."
-I must agree so.

Yeah, I think Forza's damage system is mainly textural.
Not sure if that's the reason why that happens.

Conloles2994d ago

Yeah and I'm sure its the same damage model for each car, seriously you guys praise this game way too much.

evrfighter2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

never played forza but didn't PD delay GT5 after forza3 came out? seems to me had they released at that point it would have been more of the same.

Now if forza comes out with something new before gt5. I'd imagine there will be yet another delay.

ExplosionSauce2994d ago

GT5 NEVER had a release date before Forza 3.
The only release date was in March 2010 for Japan. Forza was released in 2009.

I don't know what you're getting at. PD is making an amazing job with GT5 regardless of Forza 3's release.

Lifendz2994d ago

Looks like the wait is going to be well worth it.

Lord_Doggington2994d ago

those are some high quality pics there...

Dee_912994d ago

dont have any games to praise

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Troll_Police2995d ago

I remember comments like "GT5 don't have damage".

sikbeta2995d ago

I know what are you saying, but with the Huge amount of features GT5 has, I could care less about damage, I play the Real Driving Simulator, not real crashing simulator :P

Obviously more stuff added, better...

Corepred42994d ago

You do know crashing is a part of driving right? Not everyone drives perfect all the time. And if you are playing the driving simulator then you should care somewhat about the damage

Dee_912994d ago

but i was okay with older crashes but this is just crazy !
damn only 58 more days

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Zeixama2994d ago

GT5 should be GOTY . It is just going beyond total improvement : Track editor , real-time dynamic day-night shifting , real-time damage , 1000 plus cars ... the only missing feature is dynamic weather condition changing but i think it is under development . If a video game brings a new innovative gameplay design for fun factor (like LBP) or makes a huge improvement (like GT5) , then it should be GOTY . I haven't bought my PS3 yet , yes , that's true , b/c I have been waiting for GT5 , just like GT4 was my first video game in PS2 .

iPad2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )


Where's omega?

EDIT: Gran Turismo 5 REAL-TIME Damage is Phenomenal"

If a reviewer says that GT5's gamage system isn't good, we know why.

Because it's not scripted, its Real Time.

GamerSciz2994d ago

Must...have...VIDEO! Wow, now let's think about this for a second. Damage and deformation is on ALL cars right? So even the standard cars will have that kind of damage? I wonder...either way, I look to smash up some pretty cars, not really sure why I have the urge. I like them when their pretty too...

Takoulya2994d ago

Not all cars will have this type of damage, Sciz. It's only the 200 premium ones that have damage at this level. The other cars do have damage but it's not very good. Either way, it doesn't matter, because GT5 will be the driving game that will redefine the racing genre. Polyphony is now one of my favourite developers. The amount of time and effort put into this game is incredible.

GamerSciz2994d ago

Actually last I remember they said the main difference between premium and standard is premium will have car parts coming/flying off and bits and pieces flying. They said standard will have the same deformation/physical damage as premium but no body panels come off.

Heisenberg2994d ago

How would you know if it's "not very good" or not? Have you seen something the rest of us haven't? I don't think there'll be anything about this game that will qualify as "not very good".

The damage so far is above and beyond anything I've seen. Amazing job PD.

ico922994d ago

its nice but if i wanted crashes i'd go and play Burnout, GT has always appealed to me (a car enthusiast) for been the best driving simulator not the best crashing simulator

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aceitman2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

im calling out of work sick so i can play this asap

MNicholas2994d ago

Ha ha. Silly GT5 fanboys. Anyone who's driven a "definitive Sim" knows that real damage always happens the same way every time and that no matter what part of the car get's hit the top of the car always gets scratched. When GT5 can do that, then we can talk.

timberlan1122994d ago

So true i want my car to spin like a top on its rear when i flip it or launch 500 ft into the air breaking earths gravity. GT5 needs more work

hennessey862994d ago

Rage racer will always be king


on a more serious note the damage is looking excellent and i thing my forza 3 copy will have top be traded i dont have the room for 2 great racing games and gt5 is just too good

DigitalAnalog2994d ago

Umm.. no....

There is a BIG difference between the damage modelling between premium and standard cars.

Just saying.

-End statement

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alphakennybody2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

lol since the launch of the 458 italia, about five of them crashed and burned with span of three months.

SasanovaS19872994d ago

all 458 models were recalled, because of a wax that was too close to the heating source, making it catch on fire. its a simple solution to being fixed, and the guys who experienced it will get brand new models

kerrak2994d ago

They burned three months after crashing?

hennessey862994d ago

they didnt crash, Sasanova is spot on its due to adheasive to close to the exhaust system, they are going to replace the adheasive with steel rivits.

Gran Touring2994d ago

NOOO! How dare they destroy such art?!

Barbapapa2994d ago

make me cry to see these pictures T^T

Narutone662994d ago

me cringe whenever I see a beautiful car in that state.

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alphakennybody2995d ago

Damn, now imaging nascar damage, I remember someone saying that the cars could be destroyed to bits.

karl2995d ago

i think it was poliphony digital himself..

this was the only big thing missing from GT5.. not that i cared, but just to shut up all the forza and xbox fanboys..


PD isn't a person lol, it's a company.

Anyway's the damage in this game is phenomenal.

karl2994d ago

PD is a Legal entity

it can be treated as if it were a person

hennessey862994d ago

I think this game is going to shut alot of fangirls up, i was skeptikal of gt5 but it has matched my expectations and more, its going to keep me busy for along time to come then its Forza 4 time

karl2994d ago

you are crazy if u think forza 4 will be anything like it.. they dont have the resource nor the disk space.. not even the support from MS to do a game like GT5...

Forza 3 was the last serious racing game from Turn10... remember that

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