New Black Ops Gameplay

Check out the video showing Black Ops Gameplay With (amongst other) The Flamethrower

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thats right!! the video gives me the same feeling i had when i first played mw2. im gonna be loving this just as much!

richard9193024d ago

thats cause they are the same game. dont waste 60 bucks for new maps and skins

RyuCloudStrife3024d ago

hey dude dont tell me what to waste the money i earn on i waste it on whatever i want to wasted on ok dude your the LOSER whos gonna miss out!!!

HSx93024d ago

Oh god looks like the COD Fanboys are out. look at everyone getting disagrees for saying the slightest negative thing about black ops.

goflyakite3024d ago

"slightest negative thing"?

He flat out told people to not waste money on the game, how much more negative could you be?

AllroundGamer3024d ago

the same could be said about Halo Reach...

r1sh123024d ago

mw2 was pretty fail after 1 month of solid playing.
However treyarch said they dont like commando but they give us a knife we can shoot..
Whats the differene?
now you can actually 'stab' someone from miles away!
Other than that its looking good.
hopefully the nerf the ballistic knife

mcnablejr3024d ago

'dont waste 60 bucks for new maps and skins'

' slightest negative thing about black ops.'

Thats just plain negative.


when its still going strong?? i never understood that point of view. i can see a person not liking it but calling it a fail.. thats just wrong

mercsfan3023d ago

But this is ACTUALLY the same as MW2 with new weapons and skins. The same can't be said about Halo Reach... Maybe Halo 2 to Halo 3 though.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3024d ago

Looks like the damage is just like the mw2. I thought they would fix that because that was the main reason people camped cause your health was soo low.

DarkTower8053024d ago

People camp in every shooter. It was excessive in MW2 because of the killstreak rewards, not the damage. COD players want the enemy to drop in 2-3 shots, not half a mag. The damage looks just right in Black Ops, there's no reason not to get a kill with 2-3 shots placed in the upper body/head. On a side note, sniper rifles better be 1 shot kills or that's going to piss me off.

goflyakite3024d ago

Agreed with Martyrdom, the average [skilled] player who tries to walk around will probably die considering how quickly you can die. So they resort to a campy style of play.

In games where you have tons of health, people are going to walk around more often because they know they won't die in less then a second if they start to get shot at.

MAR-TYR-DOM3024d ago

Wow really? Have you every played Call of Duty 4? Or are you like the 10 million people whose first Call of Duty game is Crap Warfare 2? Play COD4 and you will know what i am talking about. Cod4 was and still is a better game than MW2, blackops should model their game around that which is what Treyarch has said in dev interviews they are doing.

DarkFantasy3024d ago

i actually hope sniper rifles don't have one shot kills cause thats stupid the only one shot kill that you should get is with a sniper rifle is a head shot, trust me in real life if you get sniped in the will not die.i hate how in the kill cams i get shot in the foot and die.. its soo stupid,thats kind of what i liked in BFBC2 only people who actually knew how to snipe got 1 shot kills..but yeah there are campers in every shoot but i have never seen as many in other games as i have in Call of duty,Heres hoping for Nazi Zombies!:P

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GaMe013024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Well to start those maps are not on MW2, also there is no Rc car in MW2, no flamethrower in Mw2, dogs, ballistic knifes, no wage matches no theater mode no spy cam and those are just a few . I think you should watch the video again some of the features I mentioned are in the video. I would also like to refer you to

MicroSony4Life3024d ago

I do not see how this looks different that MW2 - The way the guy runs, the words that appear why you get a kill streak, shooting at the airplanes, the announcer who says enemy air craft incoming, thank god it does not have perks.

I am not hating on the game but being that it made by different developers they could have at least used a different engine or design of characters.

Microsoft_Spokesman3024d ago

If they use a different then it won't really be call of duty. I like CoD cause it's a fast paced gameplay.

RedDragan3023d ago

What is the difference with this and MW 1.

Tbh, nothing apart from new maps and a few new vehicles. It's just an expensive expansion. Play MW1 and you have played them all.

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seij5553024d ago

I'm not gonna fall for this again, I am completely ignoring CoD this year.

deadreckoning6663024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Coming from a person whose never owned a COD game, this looks nasty.

@actas123- If you want tanks/vehicles...why not get BC2? You won't find a better multiplayer shooter on consoles that implements vehicles.

actas1233024d ago

Are there tanks/vehichels in this game? if yes I'll buy if no then I'll pass because this looks exactly like modern warfare 1 and I have that already.

JakemanPS319943024d ago

i know they have helicopters u can fly but i dont know about tanks or cars

DufferO83024d ago

not even gonna buy if for the single-player??

zeddy3024d ago

wheres the recoil? looks like they've made this game for children.

The_Claw3024d ago

encounters should be aim>recoil

AKA3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Since the game auto aim for you, lol at the COD fans that think this game takes skills

ColdFire3024d ago

No auto-aim on the PC version thank god!

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