Halo Reach First 15 minutes

This is it. From what I have been hearing and what I have played thus far, the best Halo game produced to date. WELL, minus Halo Wars, Just playing. Well I dont want to keep you guys reading more than you need to, here is the first 15 minutes of Halo Reach.

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Gargamel2697d ago

I apologize, its fixed and viewable now!

wariofart2697d ago

Thanks, I deleted my complaint. Looks epic, and very nice quality too!

Iceland2697d ago

Nice one. The game looks gorgeous.

otherZinc2697d ago

Another Halo game that will be played for the next 3 years!

ogwilson2697d ago

Only a week and a half!

Delt42697d ago

i keep trying to tell myself that but its so hard to wait! why is it that the closer the release date, the longer it feels?

MGRogue20172697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

No need to go through to the site: You can watch video just by clicking the link below.. & in HD!

Enjoy :P

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magqcc72697d ago

Same recycled game as the last one.

knightdarkbox2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )


haters gonna hate...

"Same recycled game as the last one."

Reach is looking best fps of 2010 so far. SP and MP look to be leaps and bounds better than the last 3 games.

big_silky2697d ago

Don't waste your breath, they're off somewhere convincing themselves that Killzone looks original.

kevnb2696d ago

but I think bad company 2 and stalker call of pripyat have brought me more joy than this can.

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The story is too old to be commented.