Best Naruto game yet?

David Hutchison from Coregamer dicusses: In recent years Manga has become increasingly popular in the west. Many have earned hordes of fans but none more so than Naruto. The story of Naruto and his friends living their life in Konoha and dealing with rivals, trials and enemies has captivated many readers in the strongest of ways. Now we see the up coming release of Naurto Shippuden: ultimate ninja storm 2, the next in the series of Naruto games of which there have been many. They have all tried to capture the true feeling of the manga and anime, and some have done well, others have failed. This game however promises to blend the gameplay and cut scenes together so well that players will barely notice when it happens. With fantastic cell shaded graphics and amazing boss battles this game promises to be the best in the series.

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Anime-Vixen3020d ago

Ya you could pretty much say that. Look at the roster. It huge and it has a lot of fan favorites like Ino and Karin! It has a easy battle system so casuals like me could get into it. So basically im mashing the circle button and pressing up, left, down, or right to do different attacks. It so simple, I love it! I can't wait. ★ Team Ino ★

ingiomar3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

why do you have an obsession with Ino?

But she will get her ass kicked even by choji and she's no match for hinata or sakura

edit: ''she a blond like me'' that means your a girl right? now i understand xD

Anime-Vixen3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Well she wears purple, which btw is my fav color. She a blond like me and she the most feminine girl in Naruto. That why she my favorite. Hinata feminine too but she too shy and she not out there like Ino is. If hinata wasn't shy, I would like her

Trunkz Jr3020d ago

What about Kurenai :( if you made them all 28 she'd still win XD

Anime-Vixen3020d ago

I know she not the strongest but I think she has a better personality than the other girls. I could relate to her.

@ Trunkz Jr

I love her but I don't know if she in this game. I used to love playing with her in Ultimate ninja 3.

karl3019d ago

is the "S" on your keyboard broken?

just asking xD

and yeah.. game looks awesome.. cant wait to play it

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rdgneoz33020d ago

The battle system is simple as hell, but if you practice a bit its easy as hell to beat button mashers. As for the cast, love that they have so many characters in it and that its up to the somewhat recent Japanese version of the anime (no clue where the dub is at, I prefer the subs). The first one was fun, was only missing trophies for some people but mainly the online component. Also, Ino sucks, Hinata is so much better (she stood up to Pain).

ABizzel13020d ago

The only complaint I have is the simplicity of it. One button combat just doesn't seem logical for a fighting game. But the demo was great, so this could go down as the best reviewed anime game.

PS3-2473020d ago

I will own all with Pain.

RedDead3020d ago

People say it's easy bbut it's not about the Close quarters only, When in close quarters though int's more about the dodging, so it's two people button mashing and dodging(replication really) and who ever can dodge better is the victor.

Besides close quarters is only a third of it, you have your long ranged( whatever the character is using like sand or wind or sometimes fire(Sasuke CS2 mode) aswell as shurikan and Kunai) and then your Jutsu which is this one you time right. The game is all about the timing of your attacks.

There's also the items which you can save for the right time(such as in the first, keep your yellow chakra blocking tag for Tskuyomi with Itachi and you do so much damage)
Once you get the game change the difficulty up or play multipayer, you'll see how differant and tactical it is than the simple demo you played.

The only gripes I have with these games are there not at all true to the series. I Understand they have to keep it balancd though so it doesn't matter

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crxss3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

1 month 15 days! Don't think the title of this article should have a "?". Only thing that could potentially ruin this game is the online's lag. Lets hope it's not gonna be bad. What really sucks though is the fact that EU gets this game before the US. What's going on?!

rdgneoz33020d ago

Might be the same day for both. The US Gamestop says Oct 19th and the UK site says the same in its article.

crxss3020d ago

well according to everywhere else it's coming out earlier in the UK. lets hope it's actually september!

RedDead3020d ago

14th in uk and ireland :P(I think)

nemrawy3020d ago

I think it has the potential to be the best fighting anime game yet.

hot-sauce3020d ago

oh man if this was exclusive to the ps3 it probably would've been even better with nicer graphic & more characters u no the power of the cell & blue ray oh well maybe nxt time

Optical_Matrix3019d ago

But the graphics are already amazing. I'd even go as far as to say an improvment on the first game.

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