The Mom Who Banned Medal of Honor: An Interview With Karen Meredith

Beefjack talks to Karen Meredith, the mom whose interview on Fox News led to the Medal of Honor controversy and the game being pulled from American military bases around the world.

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Anime-Vixen3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

R.I.P to her son but he signed up for that war on his own free will. So she shouldn't be getting upset! Who cares about the families of the dead soliders. The only people they should be talking too are the soliders currently fighting in the war. That fat ugly thing doesn't have any right to ban a game because her son died. The last time I checked, your son face is not in the freaking game. This game has FICTIONAL characters fighting in a war. GOSH I hate over-sensitive people!

jc485733025d ago

you are just as upset as her.

HSx93025d ago

dumb fat bltch, she should stop worrying about a video game, and worry more about her overweight self.

AndrewRyan3025d ago

Maybe instead of signing up for the army, he should of signed up for XBL or PSN instead.

squallheart3025d ago

All this jar jar wannabe wants is her 15 min of fame. THIS gold star mom is preaching about something she doesnt know about. Her son of free will voluntered and she wants is an outlet to vent her frustrations. Its same as when parents blame music and games on how their kids turned out. I listen to death metal and u dont see me sacrificing chickens unless im making lemon chicken. I listen to steel panther and you dont see me in orgys althogh i wouldnt mind. People like her and fox are whats wrong with this country. The irony is her son died for freedom of speech something that tea baggers in their protest argue when it comes to the mosque centers.

barom3025d ago

I wonder what the Tier 1 group that helped make the game has to say about this.

pimpmaster3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

ive never understood the purpose of this current war. to liberate iraq for some reason.. why? why liberate iraq? just look at north korea, didnt they learn their lesson. bush had a hidden agenda to take control of the oil fields.:( all the soldiers dying for the govts money.

pxpxp3025d ago

lets ignore the fact that there is a war going on. Will that make it better?

JohnnyBadfinger3025d ago

Technically you dont play as taliban at all in the game. whats in mulitplayer does not count, because the only difference is the coat of paint. instead of it being red vs blue its marines vs taliban... purely for team identification only.

And come on, everbody likes being the bad guys in videogames.

And in almost every FPS in the war genre has the killing of american soliders, whether its a fictional terrorist group, the Germans, the Russians, the Japs, and the Koreans. So taking the moral high ground now seems somewhat ridiculous.

Sure you got to feel sorry for the woman losing her son, my condolences to all families who have lost someone through war. But soliders today arent conscripts, like they were in the Vietnam War. If anything i have more respect for those man who were sent to war against there own free will and died for a cause they didnt believe in.

ExplosionSauce3025d ago

I think she's displacing her feelings on the game.

goflyakite3025d ago

Pretty much every war game I can think of has the [opposite of America] force, we all know who it's based off of. MoH just gives the characters a title.

rdgneoz33024d ago

"Faced with real military service, I’m not sure how many of them have the fortitude or courage to serve, let alone survive a combat situation."

And guess who's alive and will make millions off the game due to people making a fuss about it? Because people are bitching about it and getting it a ton of free advertising, it will sell pretty well. Hell, I want to get the game so play as the Taliban and shoot the people complaining.

Getting the game pulled from military bases is going against the freedoms her son died fighting for.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3024d ago

really Vixen? You gonna get that upset over something that doesnt effect you in the least bit? It's so funny to see liberals on this site. Always moaning about opinion this and respect that but they only want their opinions respected. When it comes to someone elses it's always, "That fat ugly thing doesn't have any right..." Real mature response son.

Rainstorm813024d ago

Exgamer she's entitled to an opinion every one is , but when you get a game pulled from stores because your son died in a rdgneoz3 said ".. it is going against the freedoms her son died fighting for..."

So since her son died in a war, realistic war games shouldnt be made??? That is ridiculous and she deserves the backlash from gamers.

its only conservatives that think whatever THEY dont approve of should be outlawed.....

lovestospoodge3024d ago

even if small children were brainwashed into wanting to join the taliban, I'd think theyd have a hard time doing it

Tru_Blu3024d ago

This is a hard one for me. I don't think a game should have you be Taliban but at the same time it's freedom of speech. I'm sure a lot of our grandfathers would cringe at the thought of being a nazi in a game. In the end though it's freedom of speech, people can make whatever they want and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3024d ago

She didnt get the game banned because her son died. She got it banned because they let you play as douchebag Taliban cowards. You prolly cant understand cuz they never hurt someone close to you. And yes conservatives do think that but seeing as how if it were left up to liberals pedophelia and beastiality would already be legal, someone has to be the voice of reason. But seriously liberals are mostly hypocrites.

thorstein3024d ago Show
jadenkorri3024d ago

yes lady, your son died in afghan/Iraq for oil, yes oil. He didn't die defending your country from terrorists as he was the terrorist.

Axecution3024d ago

What's funny is that i didn't even really like the beta that much. But after all the hype about the taliban thing, i watched that obviously pre-set up multiplayer trailer and the next day went and preordered it. Game looks awesome. Like Battlefield, but hopefully better support.

The thing is, i wouldn't have even bothered to watch it if it weren't for this dumb woman. I would have been like "oh look, another bad FPS game cashing in on Modern Warfare."

Classic example of how negative hype is positive hype.

badz1493024d ago

but to think back about it, I don't think she even plays WII! WTH does she even care about something that doesn't affect her or her dead son (condolences btw), in any way or form? I see no one is shoving the game down her throat and it's not even about her son! US vs Something has always been in games and already defined as default setting for shooters for ages! why bring it up now? ah...15min of fame...on FOX maybe? that's like 2X the douchebaggery!

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Cevapi883025d ago

i just want to know where all the 80 and 90 year old mothers were when games that portrayed the vietnam war through games....american soldiers lost their lives in that war too and it parallels perfectly with afghanistan....guerilla warfare and a war that will be impossible to win due to the determination of the people that refuse to give in to US foreign policy.....DOUBLE STANDARDS, DOUBLE the media in this country is terrible...i really dont understand how stupid you have to be to not see the connection i just made here

FishCake9T43025d ago

Sooooo true. Im British so im not too familier with how the media works over there, but what i hear about FOX news and such, its not good. At the end of the day its a game. If British soldiers get killed in a game i dont care because its a game. My cousin has been on two tours in Afghanistan and he plays Call Of Duty all the time. Do i hear him complaining. NO

R.I.P to the Mum's son and all the innocent civilians and allied soldiers killed in the war.

XXXCouture3025d ago

everybody should R.I.P no matter what your ideals or beliefs are. the world is not black and white

Takoulya3025d ago

Not really, no. A serial killer who murders for the hell of it without any reason at all shouldn't rest in peace. The world may not be black or white, but the darker and lighter shades of gray are evident.

XXXCouture3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

everybody lives for a reason even though some seem to be pure evil and dark. what is black for you might be white for someone else. there is a reason in everything, just because you dont see it doesnt mean it doesnt exist

fx your example of a serial killer. it can remind us of how wrong it can go if we dont take care of those who need it, they have often been abused as children or bullied at school. as i said, everything has a reason. however this topic is not for a gaming site.

i know what you belive is right, and thank god people see the world as you see and not i. but dont think the world is so simple. there cant be the brightest light without the darkest dark

pimpmaster3025d ago

man this is bullsh1t. what about war movies!? tons of soldiers die in there and i dont see them making a big fuss about it. at the same time its so pointless but dumb. ok the games banned in military bases. while COD isnt.. a game where american soldiers also

SilentNegotiator3025d ago

"everybody lives for a reason even though some seem to be pure evil and dark. what is black for you might be white for someone else"
This is where I draw the line at the "perception is reality" sort of theory.
Perception and reality are two entirely different entities. To excuse murder for perception is goofy.
RIP Hitler? I think not.

"there cant be the brightest light without the darkest dark"
Darkness is the absence of light, not the other way around....technically.

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HQLocated1113025d ago

who cares, the game is gonna blow anyways. Same exact shit as bad company 2

Xristo3025d ago

if it is in fact exactly the same as BF:BC2....then it will hardly blow...

jrbeerman113024d ago

i see why he has 1 bubble

SpaceFox3025d ago

Haha, very well said sir! Just shows the irony of her actions.

Cueil3024d ago

that Marines will be able to purchase this with no tax at their BX/PX

Hollowmancr3025d ago

.. I'll be playing multiplayer as Taliban only.

it's a fictional game, not real, does not contain the likeness of dead soldiers and has health regeneration as proof of the virtuality of the product.

gamingdroid3025d ago

We should all ban any racing games as well, because of those reckless driving teenagers that end up dead driving fast on the freeway. Heck why stop there?

We should just ban movies that depict war, censor books that talks about war? Yeah the list goes on and before you know it, we become the land of NON-FREE SPEECH!

N4BmpS3025d ago

What many people fail to realize is that soldiers fighting in the war adore a lot of these games, one of the reasons, they can relate, we can't relate but they can hell quite a few soldiers helped these developers make these games that the mainstream media disapproves of, I'm sure her would have as well. She may say other wise but it wouldn't be true. Who do think helped Treyarch with the Black Ops story? Black Ops soldiers, who do you think made Breach? Soldiers, so by banning this game you're basically banning a soldier's voice.

I don't wanna say every soldier loves CoD, MoH, Halo and other titles but I've seen a handful and actually met a few whom adore them.

dlp213025d ago

Are you serious...who cares about the families of dead soldiers...I can tell you right now living soldiers. While I disagree with the decision to not sell the game on military bases, I understand it. I understand what she is going through, and I understand the controversy.

In the end though, really this isn't a big deal, it's not like the game is banned, it just won't be sold. As someone who isn't in the military what do you care what AAFES does.


Do you even know what a Tier 1 element is, who they are, what they't think so. I can tell you that they probably don't care about this game first of all, sure they may or may not play it, but they aren't worried about the politics over it, because they have more important stuff to worry about.

xAlmostPro3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

another one.. shame about her son, but still

theoneb3024d ago

Im in Iraq right now and last I checked we have been shooting Arabic bad guys for a long time now in video games. Medal of Honor is just the first game to call them "Taliban" Took alot of balls to do that though lol

Solid_Snakeps33024d ago

isnt this that fat bitch who got Six Days In Fajulla banned?

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chazjamie3025d ago

i wonder why people who dont play games care so much about games?

RankFTW3025d ago

That was an amazing statement.

Soldierone3025d ago

They dont understand its just an interactive way of portraying the TV and movies they watch daily. Therefore ITS THE DEVIL!

CrushCast3025d ago

Because these people are miserable and want everyone else to be the same. They need to get a life!


FunAndGun3024d ago

probably the same people who don't have gay sex, but want to tell everyone it is wrong.

it doesn't affect your life, GTFO!

hikayu3024d ago

Because all they want is their 15 min of fame , attention whores .

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MicroSony4Life3025d ago

but did Uncle Sam put a gun to his head and forced him to sign with the army?

Its call a war zone an last I heard they have people shooting at each other with real guns.

Should have asked her why she did not protest against games like Modern Warfare where we play as American's killing other nations.

Wildarmsjecht3025d ago

[email protected]#K YEA!!!

But really it is cuz of that. The prideful nature makes it ok to shoot virtual enemies from various other countries, even countries where the foreign relationship is currently weak. It reminds us that we're big and strong. But to present one where we play as the "enemy" and shoot some red white and blue guys till they lose the white and blue part is a no-no. I want to see a vietnam game...played to the very end where we got spanked. Doubt that'll happen.

No Way3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

But, the fact is.. in those other games you do kill American troops.
It may be 'multiplayer' but you still shoot the 'red white and blue.'
I really don't see what the difference is, though?
Ones single player.. ones multiplayer.

Still killing em..

Wildarmsjecht3025d ago

I see what you mean No Way. But multiplayer is all about deathmatch without really having any story to back up why you're killing each other besides reaching the score limit or carrying enough flags somewhere.

If we're talking about the single player aspect however, then you have the developers creating a story, letting you control another countries soldier on his mission to kill americans. It makes them real in a sense and americans aren't ready for that.

Also, not all multiplayer games lets it be Americans vs. Americans. Call of Duty has it that it's One Force against another Force. So, Americans vs. Russians, or Brits vs. whatever else. But never the same.

The_Claw3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Freedom isnt free, no there's a hefty f$%#@*'n fee, if you dont put in your buck O'five who will....

CombatEvolving3025d ago

Too bad here son died, but it was his chose and he was fighting for our freedoms. Freedoms she is trying to take away through censorship.

No Way3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Exactly. My dad use to serve in the military, and went to Afghan..
But, he still plays these games, and if we had still lived on base.
I would no longer be able to purchase this game (from AAFES).

That'd piss me off. It's my right to play it or ignore it..
Not no more, now it's their choosing, and it's bull.