…One More Level: Who Is To Blame For Video Game Addiction?

Are gamers at fault for ruining their lives when they claim Video Game Addiction?

This writer thinks so.

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MGRogue20173027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

It's the game's fault for being so damn fun, really.

Take Modern Warfare 2 as an example.. On that game, You just want to keep getting kills & levelling up, no matter what.. And you'll always want to come back!

It's like Venom in Spider-Man 3.. Once it catches it onto you, You are completely lost of free-will, you are kinda made a slave to MW2 & other shooters.. which isn't exactly a bad thing because it feels good.. just like Spider-Man feels with Venom.

Sorry, I let my imagination run loose. :D

big_silky3027d ago

I think it makes a mockery of true addiction. Try explaining how your inability to turn your Playstation off is a "disease" to somebody who lost a loved one to drugs, alcoholism or smoking. Chemical addiction literally rewires your brain and makes you unable to live your life normally without it.

I lost my brother to drugs, how dare some moron who can't stop playing WoW tell me it's the same thing.