Gaming Union: Knights in the Nightmare PSP Hands-On

Gaming Union writes: "Last summer, Sting and Atlus released Knights in the Nightmare on the Nintendo DS, and as was evident from our review of the game and anyone who played it, it was an extremely complex and involving game. But for those who put in the effort to learn the game's many mechanics would find a very deep and rewarding game hidden underneath. As expected from Sting's previous GBA/DS releases, Knights in the Nightmare is being ported to the PSP, but with the game's unique gameplay method using the stylus, how well does this transition to the PSP's single analog stick?"

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Selyah3025d ago

Might have to get look into getting this.

JDouglasGU3025d ago

definitely going to check this out.

mephman3025d ago

It's interesting to see what changes have been made since the DS version.