Can Take Two Take Out Activision And EA?

"When gamers think of a publishing powerhouse they may think of companies like EA or Activision however often times Take Two probably isn’t thought of. However in a recent article written on IGN it’s very clear that Take Two is a publisher that could soon take over the publishing world."

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NYC_Gamer3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

EA&Activision will always be the top publishers.....T2 is real small when comapared to those two

codyodiodi3021d ago

Both may be large company's however Take Two seems to be releasing very innovative/original games that could help them out over the long haul.

ExitToExisT3021d ago

if they can manage to release a succesful gta every 2 years.. they have the chance.

codyodiodi3020d ago

I think the age of GTA has come and gone so I don't think that would be needed.

Big Bot3020d ago

Not in this consoles generation.But third places is it bad.