The Wii won, but for how long?

Fact: Nintendo's Wii is on track to outsell Sony's record-setting PS2 at 115 million units sold. That's according to comparative NPD sales data for both systems. No other console has sold faster in its first eight months of availability than the Wii.

Despite its undisputed initial success, however, several industry pundits remain unconvinced. "The Wii will fade," they say, suggesting that the machine's novel motion-controls and antiquated graphics technology will soon cause the system to wane in popularity.

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xaphanze4050d ago

I think people will lose interest in Wii,the controller feature wont hold the console for long.
Lets face facts,360 and ps3 are gonna get cheaper and affordable with extraordinary next gen game library and people wont hesistate but choose those consoles over the wii.

ktchong4050d ago

Just look at all the upcoming Wii exclusives from Nintendo and 3rd parties. It does not have any good games now, but it will have a lot of good exclusives by next year.

When the gimmick of the Wiimote wears off, all the good Wii games be out just in time, and then the games will sell Wii.

reaferfore204050d ago

They need to start pumping out games now. Wii sports is starting to get old. It wouldn't suprise me at all if the Wii's success started to dwindle due to the fact that it has last-gen graphics. But if they did release a HD Wii that would be cool. They also need better online play, Wii's online is a joke. Only thing good about it is the Virtual Console.

xaphanze4050d ago

I dont know, I'm one of those gamers who is looking for better graphics,better animations,better physics etc...
I sold my ps2 last year, and simply dont like playing it anymore. It looks too old for me even though I dont have a ps3 yet.

CourtesyFlush4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

I agree that the Wii has a limited shelf life and likely won't last the usual lifecycle... BUT one thing the article doesn't take into consideration is future price drops for the Wii. Just as the ps3 and 360 will continue to drop in price over the years, so, too, will the Wii.

And so long as Nintendo delivers on its core franchises, people will continue to soak it up.

Not a bad idea... get millions to purchase a comparatively low-priced system with a gimmick "hook," and then offer an upgrade version in three or so years. They may be able to introduce a "new" system near the price point Sony and Microsoft's "old" (midlife) systems will be at, and grab the spotlight again.

I'm no business strategist, but it sounds reasonable.

JeSsMaN3334050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Even though there's no need for another one ... I agree. Eventually (especially seen next year) the PS3 and (although I hate to say it) The 360 will be better buys than the Wii. It just can't compete like this forever.

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The story is too old to be commented.