Complete Playstation MOVE Buying Guide

Sony's Playstation Move Motion Controller is due to release on September 17th. We have put together the ultimate buying guide for you. Find everything you need to play, including the games in this guide and get ready to get your Move on this fall.

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RonyDean3025d ago

What a great guide! I was looking for one of these the other day but couldn't find any. - I am really looking forward to picking up Move later this month. Looks like its gonna be a lot of fun!

Apolloeye3025d ago

There is a search box at the top of N4G you know, here's one I made earlier:

uxo223025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Where is the article telling you where you can get a starter kit that doesn't include the already owned camera.

Where is the Sports champion, Move Controller, Nav Controller Bundle?

WildArmed3025d ago

I find it pathetic that I have to pay 89$ for Move and Sports champ.. while the bundle does the PS eye +Move+Sports Champ for just 10$ more :(
It's really pissing me off~

Maybe I should get the bundle and sell the cam? -.-

Heartnet3025d ago

Me too although i am indeed upset they missed out Time Crisis and RUSE :P

Bell Boy3025d ago

I spotted a deal Best Buy had online a couple of weeks ago which allowed me to pre -order the controller and sports champions and receive a $25 gift

Obviously I placed my order immediately

WildArmed3025d ago

damn dude.
IS that deal still active?
Can ya please send me the link or w/e how you got the deal -.-
I'd preorder Move right away if that was the case!

aceitman3025d ago

eyepet cost 39$ not 29$ and if there is anyone who has the move controllers from house party your in luck a whole week in luck eyepet and sports champion game only and start the party,kungfu rider will be out on the 7th hope tumble is out tuesday on psn will be getting it .ruse is out also on tuesday with move mag ,tigerwoods 11,alredy support the move ...

spectyre3025d ago

isn't a release title. Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart all have it releasing on Oct. 19. just says Fall 2010.

mcroddi3025d ago

I think the Move will be cool as well, too bad it costs a cool 50 per Move... I need two!

Heartnet3025d ago

ITs £50 for the camera aswell :) its £30 for another controller :)

Ivan Drago IV3025d ago

No guid needed, getting on day 1 but thanks Sony.

3025d ago
JohnApocalypse3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I don't see what games that would make anyone but the Move. Yeah there's MAG, Killzone 3, etc but you don't need those to play the game and is it going to make them better?

claterz3025d ago

It's all to do with personal preference, it gives people the option to use either Move or a Dualshock, I don't see why every Move game has to be only playable on Move for it to be worth buying. Although I suspect we will see some really innovative games that use the Moves potential soon enough, so far we have seen what it can do but only in tech demos, I can't wait to see the technology used in something other than point and click FPS games though.

JohnApocalypse3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

What I'm wondering is why do you need the Move in the first place?

poopsack3025d ago

Why do you need videogames in the first place lets start with that.

mcroddi3025d ago

Well, at launch there is almost never anything compelling enough to warrant a purchase. Give it time.

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