Paul Gale Network's 5th video game pumpkin: Metroid Prime

"Paul Gale Network just put up the 5th video game themed pumpkin, this time of Metroid Prime from Halloween 2002." It's an ongoing feature and will continue until this Halloween with pumpkin #13."

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GeorgeAnimal2785d ago

I find myself looking forward to these every Saturday for some reason. Huge pumpkin and nice Samus!

Anthonynoonz2785d ago

Yeah I'm looking forward to the next one.

Sigh. I wish Other M was as good as Prime.

GeorgeAnimal2784d ago

I think MoM is my new favorite Metroid. Am I the only one?

AzadFujishima2785d ago

This is the best one PGN has shown yet

AzadFujishima2784d ago

Maybe we'll see Metroid: Other M this year in pumpkin form.

KimberlyHopr2784d ago

To bad I have zero carvivng ability.

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